County Commission Gives First Reading Approval To Proposed Changes In Subdivision Regulations

October 24, 2006
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Commission Monday night adopted proposed amendments to the Subdivision Regulations on first reading upon the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

Second and final reading passage will be scheduled following a public hearing at the next county commission meeting in November.

One of the proposed amendments pertains to the design and construction of new roads in subdivision developments.

County Mayor Mike Foster, reading from the proposed resolution Monday night, said \"A revision of minimum standards for new roads has been determined as necessary in order to help protect the DeKalb County taxpayers from excessive and unnecessary expenditures for road maintenance, in order to provide fair and equitable treatment to all persons seeking to have suitable roads within the county.\"

Under the proposed amendment, Foster says developers would be required to put down two inches of hot mix. \"They would still do the six inch base and 20 foot width of surface but they would also, after completing the two inches of asphalt binder, come back and add 1 ? inches of wearing surface after everything is done for a total of 3 ? inches of concrete.\"

The following is the proposed amendment:

Cross Section

Right of Way- Local 50 feet, Collector 60 feet
Roadbed Width- Local 28 feet, Collector 34 feet
Width of Base- Local 22 feet, Collector 32 feet
Thickness of Base- Local 6 inches, Collector 8 inches
Width of Surfacing- Local 20 feet, Collector 26 feet
*Thickness of Asphalt Binder- Local 2 inches, Collector 2 inches
*Thickness of Wearing Surface-Local 1 ? inches, Collector 1 ? inches
Thickness of Total Surface- Local 3 ? inches, Collector 3 ? inches

*The compacted thickness of the asphalt concrete surface (Hot Mix) shall be determined by road classification and shall not be less than as indicated above.

Another proposed amendment would revise the \"Hillside Development Standards\" by adding the following text, \" Lots that have slopes thirty percent or greater shall be inspected by the Planning Commission. Lots that are deemed not suitable for construction and not approved, shall be left as open green space for the developments.\"

The existing regulations reads, \"For area and width requirements, the maximum total increase shall not exceed fifty percent for any slope of thirty percent or greater.\"

Foster says the proposed change is primarily meant to stop some lot developments on the lake that are actually too steep for development.\"

Another amendment seeks to revise regulation standards concerning the design of \"Flag Lots\".

The proposed amendment states that \"Within a subdivision, occasional \"Flag Lots\" may be permitted with a minimum \"50 feet Road Frontage\" section for driveway and utility access and a minimum 30,000 square foot acre building site at the end of a driveway-utility strip. In such situations, the strip cannot exceed 300 feet in length. Also, such lots must be restricted from further subdivision unless the strip is built to road standards. Such lots cannot exceed 10% of a total development.\"

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