County Commission To Have Seven New Members September 1st

August 3, 2006
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Commission will have seven new members September 1st.

The new members are Democrats Elmer Ellis, Jr., Jack Barton, Chris J. Smithson, Jeffery Barrett, and Willie Thomas, and Republicans Mason Carter and Randy Caplinger.

The returning members are Republican Bobby Joines and Democrats Jerry D. Scott, Wayne Cantrell, John D. Green, Jeff Barnes, Marshall Ferrell, and Larry Summers.

Democrat Elmer Ellis, Jr. and Republican Mason Carter were elected Thursday in the first district beating Democratic challenger Charles Griffith.

Carter received 251 votes (39%), Ellis had 240 votes (37%) and Griffith got 142 votes(22%).

Here's how the vote breaks down by precinct: Alexandria- Ellis 144, Carter 133, Griffith 93. Temperance Hall- Carter 67, Ellis 42, Griffith 19. Edgar Evins State Park- Ellis 9, Carter 8, Griffith 4. Early Voting- Carter 41, Ellis 38, Griffith 22. Absentees- Ellis 7, Griffith 4, and Carter 2.

Carter and Ellis will succeed Democrats Kenneth Clayborn and Shelie \"Pee Wee\" Askew who did not seek re-election.

In the second district, Democrat Jack Barton and Republican incumbent Bobby Joines were elected Thursday, beating Democratic challenger Shane Cook.

Joines won with 341 votes (41%). Barton received 316 votes (38%) and Cook garnered 171 votes (20%).

Here's how the vote breaks down by precinct: Liberty- Joines 82, Barton 64, Cook 42. Dowelltown- Joines 75, Barton 46, and Cook 33. Snow Hill- Barton 93, Joines 71, and Cook 38. Early Voting- Barton 112, Joines 109, and Cook 54. Absentees- Joines and Cook each with 4 and one for Barton.

Barton will succeed Democrat Frank Thomas who did not seek re-election.

Republican Randy Caplinger and Democratic Incumbent Jerry D. Scott were elected in the third district. Democratic Incumbent Roy D. Merriman lost his bid for re-election.

Caplinger received 415 votes (43%). Scott had 287 votes (30%), and Merriman picked up 252 votes (26%).

Here's how the vote breaks down: Middle School- Caplinger 189, Scott 114, Merriman 108. Early Voting- Caplinger 211, Scott 167, and Merriman 138. Absentees- Caplinger 15, and Scott and Merriman each with 6.

The two nominees in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Districts were unopposed.

Democratic Incumbent Wayne Cantrell received 418 votes and fellow Democrat Chris J. Smithson had 321 complimentary votes in the Fourth District.

Democratic Incumbent John D. Green garnered 313 votes and fellow Democrat Jeffery Barrett had 258 complimentary votes in the Fifth District.

Democratic Incumbents Jeff Barnes had 429 votes and Marshall Ferrell received 366 in the Sixth District.

And Democratic Incumbent Larry Summers had 321 votes and fellow Democrat Willie Thomas received 353 votes in the Seventh District.

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