Man Arrested, Charged With Burglary & Theft

June 10, 2006
Dwayne Page

Smithville police have charged a 27-year old man with nine counts of burglary, six counts of theft, evading arrest, and escape after a chase on foot Thursday led to the subject?s arrest.

Police chief, Gus Clemente, says Chistopher D. Bilbrey, believed to be homeless, but originally from Davidson County, was arrested Thursday, after being found with some stolen property, and is believed to be responsible for several vehicle and building break-ins.

Smithville Police received a call around 8:14 a.m. Thursday morning, about a suspicious male allegedly going through cars at 114 South Bright Hill Road.

Officer Lonnie DeFore responded to the scene, and was met by the victim, James Young, who said he had seen the subject take items from his vehicle and go behind a column across the street. Bilbrey was at the scene upon DeFore?s arrival, and the officer escorted Bilbrey to the column, where the items that were reported stolen were found.

Upon making the discovery, DeFore attempted to place Bilbrey under arrest, but the suspect fled the scene. A pursuit on foot ensued, as Bilbrey fled onto Congress Boulevard toward the Family Medical Center, were he was apprehended.

Around the same time, Smithville Police Lieutenant Richard Jennings was working two burglary reports, one at Model City Auto Sales and one at Tennessee Credit. It was learned Bilbrey was the one allegedly responsible for those break-ins, as well.

Bilbrey is believed to have taken a Shop Vac, a gas grill, a weed eater and a battery at Model City Auto Sales, in addition to breaking into three vehicles. He is also charged with breaking into two vehicles owned by Tennessee Credit.

Bilbrey was able to start one of the vehicles he broke into and was planning
to leave the scene with the items in his possession. However, a flat tire on the truck thwarted Bilbrey?s plan, and he had to resume his getaway on foot.

After he was arrested and taken in for processing, Bilbrey was handcuffed to an eye-bolt on a bench at the Smithville Police Department while authorities continued their investigation and completed the paperwork.

Around 1:30 p.m., while police continued their work, Bilbrey managed to take the eye-bolt out of the bench and escaped from custody out a side door. He again fled onto Congress Boulevard, and was apprehended a short time later, near where he was first confronted by Officer DeFore.

?It was a joint effort and very impressive team work?, Smithville Police Chief Gus Clemente said of Bilbrey?s apprehension on both occasions.

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