Smithville Police Make Several DUI Arrests

July 5, 2007
Dwayne Page

Smithville Police have been busy with Selective Traffic enforcement of city streets for the upcoming Fiddler's Jamboree. Police have made numerous arrests for Driving under the Influence, Driving on Suspended Licenses, Leaving the scene of an accident and Domestic assault.

Chief Tom Stufano says \"On July 1st, Smithville Police stopped 58 year old Ismael Solis of 1700 Jacobs Pillar Road, Smithville for driving erratically and running off onto the shoulder of the road. Further investigation disclosed that Solis was heavily intoxicated as indicated in his performance of a field sobriety test. Officer's determined that Solis was impaired and should not have been driving. He was arrested and transported to the DeKalb County Jail under a $1,500 bond.\"

A second person, 37 year old Jose Luis Cervantes Gallardo of 223 East Bryant Street, Smithville was charged with DUI, Domestic Assault, Driving on a Suspended Driver's License and Resisting arrest. Chief Stufano says \"Officers responded to the address to answer a reported 911 call of a fight. Upon arrival they met with a female victim who advised that her husband, Gallardo, the suspect, had just left. The victim reported that Gallardo had pushed her down and repeatedly slapped her, ripped the phones out of the wall and kicked in a bedroom door. The victim was advised of her domestic assault rights and officers left the scene to go find Gallardo. Shortly afterwards, officers received a second 911 call from a cell phone advising that the suspect had returned and was sitting outside with the motor running. A Smithville Officer responded back to the original scene and found Gallardo in the vehicle with a half full beer container between his legs. The cab of the vehicle was also littered with empty beer cans. A heavy smell of alcohol was noticed on Gallardo's breath and he was asked to step out of his vehicle. Further investigation by the officer noted that the suspect was very unsteady on his feet and could not perform a sobriety test. He was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence and DUI. Gallardo stated he was not going to jail and began fighting with the officer. Additional officers were summoned to the scene to help make the arrest. A computer check noted that Gallardo's license was also suspended for failure to pay a previous traffic citation. Gallardo was transported to the DeKalb County Jail under an $8,000 bond.\"

Smithville Officers investigating a Hit and Run accident at Bumpers Drive-In on July 2nd found that a U-Haul truck had recently pulled up and damaged the building roofline with the overhang of the cab. The manager of the restaurant saw the mishap and approached the two men in the truck advising he was calling the police. A tag number was obtained as the truck with the two men inside drove off. A short time later DeKalb County Constable Mark Milam found the vehicle sitting on Page Drive. He made contact with the two subjects in the vehicle and they were escorted back to the scene of the accident. Investigating officers found a total of four witnesses who stated that the driver and passenger had switched places. Officers conducting the investigation noted that 19 year old John D. Anderson of 2175 Tramel Branch Road, Smithville, who was now driving the vehicle, was DUI. Upon performing the field sobriety tests, Anderson fell to the side numerous times and after being placed into the rear of the police vehicle , he passed out. Anderson was charged with DUI and Leaving the scene of an accident. The investigation continues and additional charges are possible against the second occupant in the vehicle. Anderson was transported to the DeKalb County Jail under a $2,000 bond.\"

Chief Stufano says another DUI arrest was made when Smithville officers responded to a citizen's complaint of a possible drunk driver in the Walmart parking lot. \"Upon arrival officers found 40 year old Roy Colburn of 232 Tamikay Road, Smithville passed out in his vehicle. The vehicle was running and the windshield wipers were on. Colburn was awakened and he began pressing down on the accelerator revving the engine as if he were driving away. The officer reached into the vehicle and turned the key off. Colburn was given a field sobriety test which he performed poorly. He was arrested for DUI and transported to the Dekalb County Jail under a $1,000 bond.\"

On July 4th at approximately 1:00 am Officers arrested 26 year old Michael Chad Owens of 186 Shady Drive, Smithville. Chief Stufano says \"Owens was a patron in Mapco Express when officers found him highly intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol. Owens was very unsteady on his feet with slurred speech and could not keep his eyes open. He was arrested for Public Intoxication and transported to the DeKalb County Jail under a $1,000 bond.\"

Chief Stufano says \"Smithville Police are continuously looking for suspicious activity in our city neighborhoods and streets. Residents are encouraged to report any such activity. Neighborhood Watch has shown to be highly effective in our community's efforts to combat drugs and crime.
Officers will be out on selective traffic enforcement over the weekend in participation with the Governor's Traffic Highway Safety Council.\"

\"The Police Department wises to extend our gratitude in helping make our community safer. Have a safe and sound July 4th and Jamboree holiday.\"

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