Sheriff's Department Looking for Marijuana

August 8, 2008
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, in cooperation with the Warren County Sheriff's Department Marijuana Eradication Team, conducted a helicopter fly over of portions of DeKalb County Friday morning.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says over 50 marijuana plants were seized. "Patches of marijuana were found in Alexandria and single plants were found in Liberty. The plants have been destroyed."

Sheriff Ray encourages anyone having knowledge of drug manufacture or drug use to call him at 597-4935 or call the Drug and Crime Tip Line at 464-6400. You may also email him at All calls are kept confidential.

Sheriff Ray says signs of someone growing marijuana outdoors could be:

"cleared areas in thickets for sunshine, usually around small branches and creeks

"people entering the woods with plastic plant slats, water jugs, buckets, fertilizer, gardening tools, moth balls to detour animals and camouflaged chicken wire to hide the plants from aircrafts such as the helicopter

"frequent visits into fields and woods without any reasoning.

Indoor grows are now a popular way of growing marijuana. Some signs you may want to look for of someone growing marijuana in indoor grows are:

" Rental buildings (residential and commercial) are often used so criminals avoid damage to their own property. This results from the high humidity levels and alterations to the property to accommodate the grow operation.

"Tenants may be reluctant to allow landlords to inspect their rented property and/or make arrangements to meet landlords away from the property to pay rent and/or discuss problems.

"Prior history of premises. Residence and/or commercial premises have been used as marijuana grow operations in the past. Many of these rental properties are known among the criminal element as having been used for growing marijuana then repeatedly used again.

"House or utilities obtained under assumed names with payment made in cash.

"Unexplained and unreasonably high utility bills.

"Tenants never taking furniture or groceries into the house.

"Residents may only be in the home occasionally for short periods of time.

"People access the residence only through the garage.

"Water lines and/or electrical cords running to the basement or outbuilding.

"Residence or outbuilding has unusual amount of roof vents or exhaust fan noises.

"Condensation forms on windows due to high humidity levels inside. Humidity inside a grow room is approximately 65% with temperatures ranging between 80 to 90 F. These conditions manifest themselves through condensation on windows. This may also result in lack of snow on the roof in winter.

"Unusual amounts of steam coming from vents in the house in cold weather.

"Skunk-like odor of growing marijuana can occasionally be detected outside. Also, the odor of moth balls, chlorine, manure, soap and/or air freshener is frequently utilized ways of trying to mask the smell of the operation.

"Electrical equipment inside creates humming sounds. Some electrical components in an indoor operation create humming sounds similar to a transformer on a hydro pole.

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