V.F.W. Post #7623 Observes Memorial Day

May 25, 2008
Dwayne Page

The V.F.W. Post #7623 hosted a Memorial Day weekend observance and breakfast Sunday morning.

Norene Anderson, a Gold Star mother, was also honored.

Anderson's son, Ronnie Reeder, entered the U.S. Marine Corps in 1965 and died in Vietnam on January 29th, 1967.

Mrs. Anderson says Reeder sent her many letters while he was in the service and she usually reads them again on Memorial Day. " This day means a time set aside to remember all who gave their lives and those who served our country. It means a great, great deal. I still have my son's letters that he wrote to me in service and I take this day, sometime during the day to read those letters. It's my way of dealing with it. To me it is a great thing for the VFW and other people to remember our veterans."

Mrs. Anderson says she also had two brothers, Wilson Summers and Noel Summers, who served during World War II. They are now deceased.

Harold Martin, guest speaker, said all Americans should recognize the significance of this occasion. "Memorial Day is that special day when we should all reflect on what the men and women as veterans have contributed to this great country of ours. From the American Revolution to the current times, more than 43 million men and women have served in one of the military services. From the beginning until now, 1,194,000 men and women have sacrificed their lives for the defense and the freedoms of our country. Of that number, more than half, which would be 651,000 died on the battle field. The other deaths were something other than directly in battle. In addition to the great number of lives lost, approximately one and a half million veterans including soldiers, sailors, and marines, were wounded. Some so severely, that it affected significantly the rest of their lives, such as paraplegics and those with brain and head injuries. So the folks that secured our freedom, given us the America that we love, the greatest country on earth, we will always owe a debt of gratitude to these people that can never be repaid. America has produced many fine statesmen, Presidents, congressmen, senators, and governors, that have led our nation down the path to make us the great nation that we are. However, the men and women who have served this country as soldiers, sailors, marines coast guard, and merchant marines, they have been and always will be the cornerstone of this country. Without their sacrifices, their willingness, their service, there might not be an America. Every veteran here and all across America should feel enormous pride in the fact that you've served your country to the best of your ability."

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