Bailey T. Hayes is a Winner!

December 11, 2010
Bill Conger
Bailey T. Hayes

Bailey T. Hayes is a Winner!

This is exactly how I wanted the headline to read after leaving the Tennessee Junior Beta Convention in Nashville, Tenn., November 22 and 23. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner. The President of the Junior Beta Club was the first-ever candidate from DeKalb West School to run for state office. Hayes, the son of Alan and Lesa Hayes of Liberty, was one of three candidates vying for Secretary. He and his campaign skit participants gave an outstanding effort to earn the post, but when the winner was announced on Tuesday afternoon, it wasn't Bailey's name that was read.

Despite what the final vote tally determined, there is no doubt in my mind that Bailey T. Hayes is still the winner. How could he not be? Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he did something no one else at DWS had ever done. He tried. For weeks, he practiced and practiced his campaign speech, giving 110% effort. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he faced the fear--public speaking-- that even adults rank as number one above death. He stood in front of 7,000 of his peers at the Opryland Hotel and delivered a confident, no flaws speech. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he pulled out an impromptu question from a bag in front of a crowd of thousands and gave an answer straight from his heart that any parent would be proud to hear. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he gracefully accepted defeat with his chin held high regardless of how disappointed he might have been in the moment. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he is the kind of remarkable student and child that I am thrilled to have witnessed take on a challenge and from start to finish give it a Grade A commitment. Bailey T. Hayes is a winner because he has two parents who gave sacrificially in this campaign to help see their son be the best he can be, just the way they've always performed for him since his birth. His campaign theme was "Stand For Something (or you'll fall for anything)." Service to others, Trustworthy, Appreciative, Never Say Never Attitude, and Dedication/Determination are just a few of the character traits this young Christian man demonstrates continuously. It's little wonder that Bailey T. Hayes has turned out to be a winner. Congratulations!

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