Three Arrested on Charges of Manufacturing Meth

August 16, 2010
Dwayne Page
Michael Eugene Lattimore
Amanda Kay Farless
Michael Shone Saylors
Sebrena Michelle Wright

Three people were arrested Saturday after officers of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department found meth lab components while serving a state warrant at the residence on Andrew Street in Smithville.

27 year old Michael Eugene Lattimore and his wife 25 year old Amanda Kay Farless, both of Andrew Street, and 31 year old Michael Shone Saylors of Village Place, Smithville were all charged with manufacturing a schedule II controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Lattimore is also charged with evading arrest while Farless and Saylors were charged with prevention or obstruction of service of legal process.

Bond is $30,000 for Lattimore and $27,500 each for Farless and Saylors.

According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, the discovery of the meth lab components was made on Saturday, August 14th as two deputies went to the Lattimore home on Andrew Street to serve a state warrant on Lattimore in a separate matter. "When the deputies knocked on the door and identified themselves as being deputies from the sheriff's department, no one came to the door. A deputy then looked through the window and saw Saylors looking right at him. He instructed Saylors to open the door but again no one answered the door. After about ten minutes of knocking, another officer was called to the scene. That's when Lattimore ran out the back door of the residence." He was later arrested.

Sheriff Ray says Farless later said the reason she did not answer the door was because Lattimore had told her not to. Farless gave officers consent to search the premises and they found a bag under the kitchen sink, which contained components used to manufacture meth. According to Sheriff Ray, Farless admitted to making meth .

Among the items found were jars of tri-layer liquids, a jar of blue liquid, a two liter plastic bottle with a white binder, lithium battery strips, wet coffee filters, four turkey basters, two funnels, bottles with ph solution, bottles with sulfuric acid, four razor blades, bottles of water, plastic bag with ammonium nitrate, rolls of black tape, gloves, drain opener, about 60 coffee filters with a white residue powder, cold compresses, and four empty pseudoephedrine packs

All three will make a court appearance on September 2nd

25 year old Sebrena Michelle Wright of Lower Helton Road, Alexandria is charged with Introduction of drugs in a penal institution where prisoners are quartered. She is under a $5,000 bond and her court date is August 19th.

Sheriff Ray says Wright was trying to smuggle pills into the jail on Monday, August 9th. "She came into the sheriff's department and dropped off an item for an inmate that was here. She signed in the item she was dropping off. One of the correctional officers checked the item and found a baggie that contained some pills. One was a small green pill believed to be oxycontin. Three other pills, orange in color, were believed to be suboxone. A note signed by her was also in there."

In another case, 44 year old Tony J. Reeder of East Main Street, Smithville is charged with evading arrest, a fifth offense of driving under the influence, and resisting arrest. Reeder was also issued a citation for violation of the implied consent law. He is under a $12,000 bond and his court date is August 26th.

Sheriff Ray says a deputy, while on routine patrol on Midway Road, spotted a vehicle that was setting in the road. Reeder was standing beside the vehicle near the driver door talking to another person. "Upon pulling behind the subject's vehicle, the deputy observed, Mr. Reeder flip off another vehicle that was wanting to pass them. The deputy approached Reeder and began speaking with him. Reeder had slurred speech and his eyes were very blood shot. There were passengers in the vehicle and they were asked to get out . At this point Reeder got back inside the automobile. The officer ordered him twice to get out of the vehicle but Reeder refused, saying he was going to his house. Reeder then drove away. The deputy pursued him, got him stopped, and placed him under arrest. Reeder, who had a strong odor of alcohol on him, refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.

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