Hoyte Barrett and Taft Hendrixson Appointed Newest Judicial Commissioners

August 26, 2013
Dwayne Page
Hoyte Barrett
Taft Hendrixson

Hoyte Barrett and Taft Hendrixson will join Jerry Taylor as a part time judicial or warrant commissioner for the county.

The county commissioners Monday night during their regular meeting voted to fill a vacant judicial commissioner post and to create another one.

The county has been operating for several years with just two judicial commissioners. Taylor holds one of the positions. Tammy Ashburn held the other but she recently resigned. Rod Higham fills in as an assistant judicial commissioner on a part time basis as needed and he will continue to do so.

Currently, each of the two judicial commissioners is expected to work for two weeks as needed and then officially be off for two weeks, However, even when they are off, the judicial commissioners are subject to being called in. The positions pay $884 per month.

Judicial Commissioners are responsible for the issuance of criminal arrest warrants upon finding probable cause. They are subject to call at all hours of the day and night.

During Thursday night's "All-Committees" meeting, County Mayor Mike Foster said he wanted to create a third judicial commissioner position. "What I'm thinking is, we could have three on call. Rotate weekly. Each judicial commissioner could work a week and be off two weeks but still be on call in case one of the others got sick," he said.

Since funds are not already budgeted for a third judicial commissioner, Foster said the county commission would have to adopt a budget amendment to pay for it. That action is expected to come during the September meeting.

Barrett and Hendrixson were among six applicants for the two new positions. The others were Mark Adams, Oscar Boyd, McClure Cantrell, and Richard Jennings. All were interviewed by members of the county commission Thursday night.

It took three roll call votes Monday night to fill the first available judicial commissioner position. Seven votes were needed to get the appointment.

On the first ballot, Barrett received five votes to four votes for Hendrixson. Mark Adams received two votes and Oscar Boyd got one vote.

Those voting for Barrett were Mason Carter, Jerry Scott, Jeff Barnes, Marshall Ferrell, and Jimmy Poss.

Bobby Joines, Jack Barton, Wayne Cantrell, and Larry Summers voted for Hendrixson.

Elmer Ellis, Jr. and Jerry Adcock voted for Adams and Bradley Hendrix cast his vote for Boyd.

The names of Richard Jennings, McClure Cantrell, and Oscar Boyd were dropped from consideration on the second ballot since they received little or no support on the first ballot.

During the second vote, Barrett received six votes, Hendrixson had four, and Adams got two votes.

This time Barrett got votes from Mason Carter, Jerry Scott, Jeff Barnes, Marshall Ferrell, Jimmy Poss, and Bradley Hendrix.

Bobby Joines, Jack Barton, Wayne Cantrell, and Larry Summers stuck with Hendrixson while Elmer Ellis, Jr. and Jerry Adcock stayed with Adams.

On the third ballot, Adams' name was dropped leaving only the names of Barrett and Hendrixson.

During the third vote, Barrett got the seven votes he needed to secure the appointment.

Barrett received the support of Mason Carter, Elmer Ellis, Jr., Jerry Scott, Bradley Hendrix, Jerry Adcock, Jeff Barnes, and Marshall Ferrell.

Hendrixson received the support of Bobby Joines, Jack Barton, and Wayne Cantrell. Jimmy Poss and Larry Summers did not cast a vote on the third ballot. Voting ceased when Barrett reached the magic number of seven votes

Only one roll call vote was needed to fill the second available judicial commissioner position as Taft Hendrixson received the seven votes required for the appointment.

McClure Cantrell got four votes and Oscar Boyd had one vote for the second available judicial commissioner position.

Those voting for Hendrixson were Marshall Ferrell, Jerry Adcock, Wayne Cantrell, Jerry Scott, Bobby Joines, Elmer Ellis, Jr., and Mason Carter.

Cantrell received the support of Jimmy Poss, Larry Summers, Jeff Barnes, and Jack Barton.

Bradley Hendrix voted for Boyd.

County Mayor Foster said both Barrett and Hendrixson will be sworn in around the first of the month and will need to get some training.

Judicial commissioners serve for a year at a time at the pleasure of the county commission and will be up for reappointment next September.

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