Mayor Concerned About Dogs Running Loose

March 19, 2013
Dwayne Page

City officials are asking residents to keep their dogs from running loose

Mayor Jimmy Poss, during Monday night's city council meeting, said dogs are running wild in the city and some people have been bitten. "We've been trying to catch one dog that's done bit two people," he said.

Mayor Poss is urging city residents to abide by the leash laws. "I know everybody has probably seen dogs running in the communities. There is a law in the city. There is a leash law on dogs. Its the owner's responsibility to keep them in a pen or on a chain. A lot of people don't like to do that but I just want everybody to know we're trying (to solve the problem) and if anybody has dogs, I would ask them to tie that dog up. Any (dog) we catch out here running loose, we're going to take to the pound. If they (dog owners) come over there (to the pound) then they will have to (pay the fee) to adopt them back. I believe its $10 or $20. Its something we've got to do as a community. I know it's a touchy subject but we have people who are being bit. We don't need biting dogs in the community," said Mayor Poss.

"I know its in our ordinance but its also state law," said Alderman Gayla Hendrix. "There's a leash law in the state of Tennessee and people can take a warrant out if someone's dog is running at large and bothering them. Of course the best thing to do if you're in a neighborhood, if someone's dog is bothering you and you know who it belongs to is to ask them first to keep the dog put up and if they continue to let the dog run and it becomes a nuisance then you can go to the sheriff's office," she said.

"If you're going to be a pet owner then you need to be a responsible pet owner," added Alderman Jason Murphy.

"You've basically got two types of dogs. You've got those dogs that are not trained that are just running wild and then you have those dogs that are pets," said Alderman Tim Stribling. " People need to keep them (pets) confined, on a leash, or in their homes because the weather is warming up, people are walking and running. If somebody runs by somebody's house and a dog is out in the yard, it's kind of protective of that area. Sometimes it (dog) goes after those people that are exercising," said Alderman Stribling.

"At least if they (owners) put collars on them (dogs) we would know whose they are," said Mayor Poss.

"Still, they shouldn't be running loose," responded Alderman Stribling

"If they don't have a collar on we can assume that they're wild. That would help us determine if they are somebody's dog," concluded Mayor Poss.

Alderman Danny Washer said if the city plans to enforce the laws on dogs, then city residents should be made aware of the laws they are expected to abide by.

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