Spacious New DCHS Football Fieldhouse Now Completed

August 22, 2013
Dwayne Page
Spacious New DCHS Football Fieldhouse Now Completed
New Weight Room
New Locker Room

The new DCHS football field house is now completed in time for the season.

The facility is a 100' x 52' structure complete with a weight room, locker room, head coach's office, two other offices that the assistant coaches share, a utility/taping room, larger bathroom and shower areas, and an equipment room all under one roof.

"It's a blessing," said Tiger Coach Steve Trapp. "We're so much more efficient in the weight room. We've got so much more space. All new equipment. Our locker room is spacious. We can all fit in there without stepping on top of each other. The showers are large and we have tripled the bathroom size. Each coach has an office. I have one for myself. The others have to share a couple. Everything is under one roof," he said.

Coach Trapp said the facility has been in the making for four years and he is thankful for the support of the community and his staff. " It's been four years in the making. It got started by Coach Ed (the late Clay Edwards). Darrell Gill and the Quarterback Club and Junior Pro have done wonders. All those guys that just left (graduated) and their parents the last couple of years have done wonders raising money. The parents that we have now have done wonders raising money. It's just something we're very proud to have and its all the result of the people supporting us," said Coach Trapp

"As far as working on the building, the coaching staff did so much. We framed it ourselves inside and out. We had a few subs (contractors) doing the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Mike Ellis and his crew and A Degree Above and their crew helped us out and did a great job for us. Mark David Construction, I can't tell you how much he helped us out with concrete and just fixing a lot of things. We had some guys come in and put up the rest of the metal when spring ball started because we couldn't. But for the most part we did everything. Ronnie Neal did the dry wall but other than that, it was the coaches and just a few subs. The players would come out. I'd make them clean up. Pick up trash and things like that," he said.

"Everything was funded through people coming and watching DeKalb County football. They see us in these new uniforms. They see us with beautiful turf on our field. They see us with a new field house. It is because of them (public). We may have a dream or vision for what we want to do but if they don't come and watch us nothing gets done so everything that we've got is because of the people of DeKalb County," said Coach Trapp.

The older field house will still be used as a weight room for other sports and will serve as the locker room for visiting teams on game nights.

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