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Dyal Charged with Burglary and Theft at Two Smithville Businesses

July 8, 2014
Dwayne Page
Kenny Waymon Dyal, Jr.

A Smithville man has been arrested in recent burglaries at two local businesses.

27 year old Kenny Waymon Dyal, Jr. of Jackson Street is charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of theft.

The case was investigated by Lieutenant Detective Matt Holmes of the Smithville Police Department.

According to the charges, Dyal allegedly entered Cash Express located at 126 East Bryant Street on Saturday, July 5 at approximately 1:00 a.m. by taking out a window air conditioner unit and entering through the window. Dyal allegedly took a digital camera and a safe. A search warrant was served on July 5 at Dyal's residence where he was found hiding in the closet. He was in possession of stolen property belonging to the victim.

Dyal is also charged in a break-in at another business the previous week.

In that case, Dyal allegedly entered a gas station located at 627 West Broad Street at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 28 and took the following items: Approximately $850 in cash and at least four duffle bags full of cigarette cartons. The act was caught on video camera. A search warrant was served on July 5 at Dyal's residence where he was found hiding in the closet and in possession of stolen property belonging to the victim.

In a new development this week, a search warrant was served on Dyal Wednesday, July 9 to collect DNA evidence from him to be sent to the crime lab as he is a suspect in other burglaries.

Meanwhile, 19 year old Brittnay Lykins and 32 year old Crystal Deweese are each charged with theft of property over $500 for the recent theft of two television sets from Walmart. Deweese is also charged with criminal trespassing and evading arrest. Bond for Lykins is $7,500. Deweese is under a $12,000 bond. Both will appear in court July 10.

According to Smithville Police Chief Randy Caplinger, Lykins picked up Deweese at her home on Friday, June 27 and went to Walmart. While in the store, Deweese allegedly stole two television sets and took off running when confronted by Walmart employees. Deweese left the store and ran toward West Broad Street. She was found behind the Tannery building. As police tried to arrest her, Deweese ran toward Duncan Street but the officer caught up with her. She was handcuffed and brought to the police department. When questioned by police Lykins said she and Deweese had entered Walmart together and that she knew Deweese was going to steal the TV's. Apparently because of her history, Deweese had previously been warned several times to stay away from Walmart stores.

38 year old Desiree Ferrell is charged with sale and delivery of a schedule II drug. She is under a $1,500 bond and will be in court July 17. She was arrested on Monday, June 30. Chief Caplinger said that on March 14 police observed Ferrell getting out of the passenger seat of a vehicle holding a large prescription pill bottle filled with what appeared to be white capsule shaped pills. Ferrell then got in the passenger side of a black Dodge Dakota next to her vehicle where she allegedly sold half of a Hydrocodone pill . The buyer admitted to the officer that Ferrell had taken money for the pill. A warrant was later taken for her arrest but Ferrell could not be located until June 30.

38 year old Valerie Brown is cited for theft of property. She will make a court appearance on July 14. Chief Caplinger said that on Friday, June 6 police were called to Hawkins Discount Thrift Store in reference to a shoplifter. Upon arrival the officer spoke with Brown who allegedly admitted that she attempted to take items from the store.

18 year old Daricy Ferrell and 19 year old Cheyenne Matthews are cited for theft of property. They will be in court on July 17. Chief Caplinger said that on Tuesday, June 17 Ferrell and Matthews allegedly took several items from the Dollar General Store.

32 year old Gilberto Juarez is charged with driving under the influence. His bond is $1,500 and he will be in court July 17. Chief Caplinger said that on Friday, June 20 police saw Juarez drive into the parking lot of Kwik N Ezy. After Juarez parked, the officer approached his vehicle and spoke with him. There were two open beers in the center console. Juarez also had a strong odor of alcohol on his person and was very unsteady on his feet. Juarez submitted to but performed poorly on a portable breathalyzer test. He refused to take a blood test.

36 year old Jason Cripps is charged with public intoxication and burglary. He is under a $9,000 bond and will be in court on July 24. Chief Caplinger said that on Wednesday, June 25 police responded to DeKalb Specialty Clinic on a complaint of an intoxicated person who had showed up at a doctor's office there. Upon arrival, the officer was told that Cripps had left but was seen walking toward the hospital. The officer heard an auto alarm and found Cripps who had allegedly entered a Jeep Cherokee and was going through personal belongings and papers in the vehicle without the owner's consent. According to police, Cripps' speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. Cripps was placed under arrest.

43 year old Christopher Richardson is charged with public intoxication. His bond is $1,500. Chief Caplinger said police recently responded to 225 East Bryant Street in reference to a fight. Upon arrival the officer saw Richardson standing in the hallway of the apartment complex trying to get another person to come out of his residence to fight him. Richardson had a strong odor of alcohol on his person. His speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. Richardson admitted to having consumed several beers. He was placed under arrest.

22 year old Chandler Robinson is charged with domestic assault. His bond is $2,500 and he will be in court July 10. Chief Caplinger said that on Sunday, June 20 police responded to a residence on Riley Avenue in reference to a domestic call. Upon arrival the officer spoke with Robinson and his wife. Robinson told police that the two of them got into an argument and that he allegedly pushed her on the back of the head. He then went into the kitchen and came back cursing and shoved her with both hands on her chest. She called police.

29 year old Melissa Higgins is cited for shoplifting from Walmart. She will be in court July 14.

20 year old Samantha Goodson and 23 year old Eric Judkins are charged with retaliation for a past action. Goodson's bond is $10,000. Bond for Judkins is $20,000. They will be in court July 24. According to police, on July 1 Goodson allegedly assisted Judkins in assaulting their victim in retaliation for a past action by punching him in the face. The victim allegedly testified against Judkins in another case. This occurred at Bill Page Ball Park.

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