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Five Queens Crowned in Project Graduation Sweetheart Pageants

February 24, 2014
Dwayne Page
Mini Miss Sweetheart Pageant Winners
Little Miss Sweetheart Winners
Miss Junior Sweetheart Winners
Miss Sweetheart Winners
Miss Diva Pageant Winners

Five queens were crowned Saturday in the first ever Sweetheart Pageants sponsored by the Class of 2014 Project Graduation.

The events were held at the DeKalb County Complex Auditorium.

The winners are as follows:

Mini Miss Sweetheart Pageant Winners:

Queen-Kaylee Brooke Kent-Daughter of Kevin & Beth Kent
1st Runner Up-Jordyn Allison Agee -Daughter of Joey & Casey Agee
2nd Runner Up-Kloe Elizabeth Parsley- Daughter of Tyler & Shawna Grandstaff
3rd Runner Up-Ella Grace Kirksey-Daughter of Graden & Sabrina Kirksey
4th Runner Up-Brooklynn Fuson-Daughter of Billy & Sarah Fuson
5th Runner Up-Emily Danielle Johnson-Daughter of Clint & DeDe Johnson

Miss Cutie Pie-Kaylee Brooke Kent-Daughter of Kevin & Beth Kent
Miss Photogenic-Ella Grace Kirksey-Daughter of Graden & Sabrina Kirksey

Little Miss Sweetheart Winners:

Queen-Annabella Eleni Dakas-Daughter of John & Mandy Dakas
1st Runner Up-Isabella Faith Rackley-Daughter of Gordon & Jessica Rackley
2nd Runner Up-Allyson Roxanne Fuller-Daughter of Anthony & Amanda Fuller
3rd Runner Up-Macy Lynn Anderson-Daughter of Bobby Joe & Tabitha Anderson
4th Runner Up-Annabella Grace Culwell-Daughter of Tommy & Erin Culwell

Miss Cutie Pie-Avery Nicole Agee-Daughter of Joey & Casey Agee
Miss Photogenic-Annabella Grace Culwell- Daughter of Tommy & Erin Culwell

Other contestants were:
Brianna Nicole Carr-Daughter of Sherry Hattaway
Madison Dawson-Daughter of Jarred & Jamie Dawson
Kiana Nicole Driver-Daughter of Derek & Sandy Driver

Miss Junior Sweetheart Winners:

Queen: Alexis Grace Atnip-Daughter of Veronica Atnip
1st Runner Up-Katherine Grace Colwell-Daughter of Trent & Christie Colwell
2nd Runner Up-Haidyn Renee Hale-Daughter of Chad & Melissa Hale
3rd Runner Up-Addison Jean Puckett-Daughter of Jimmy & Anita Puckett
4th Runner Up-Kenlee Renae Taylor-Daughter of Ken & Cindy Taylor

Miss Cutie Pie-Ellie Elizabeth Webb-Daughter of CD & Cindy Webb
Miss Photogenic-Alexis Grace Atnip-Daughter of Veronica Atnip

Other Contestants were:
Kadee Beth Ferrell-Daughter of Anthony & Trena Ferrell
Katherine Dell Gassaway-Daughter of Julianna Gassaway & Kelly Gassaway
Kennedy Grace Agee-Daughter of Josh & January Agee
Natalie Morgan Snipes-Daughter of Tim & Michelle Snipes

Miss Sweetheart Winners:

Queen-Addison Grace Oakley-Daughter of Clark & Lisa Oakley
1st Runner Up-Sarah Anne Colwell-Daughter of Trent & Christie Colwell
2nd Runner Up-Brooklynn Storm Estes-Daughter of Chris & Shanna Bogle
3rd Runner Up-Abigail Hope Taylor-Daughter of Ken & Cindy Taylor
4th Runner Up-Julia Grace Curtis-Daughter of Bruce & Amy Curtis

Miss Cutie Pie-Sierra Nicole Johnson-Daughter of Susan Stacy
Miss Photogenic-Addison Grace Oakley

Other Contestants were:
Anna Rachel Blair-Daughter of Keith & Amanda Blair
Malia Nicole Stanley-Daughter of Larry & Phyllis Stanley & Steve Stanley
Carrie Suzanne Mooneyham-Daughter of the Late Billy Paul Mooneyham & Dori Keith

Miss Diva Pageant Winners:

Queen: Lauren Elizabeth Colwell-Daughter of Trent & Christie Colwell
1st Runner up-Haley Marie Hale-Daughter of Chad & Melissa Hale
2nd Runner Up-Taneah Brooke Cantrell-Daughter of Scott & Tammy Cantrell
3rd Runner Up-Shauna Faith Taylor-Daughter of Ken & Cindy Taylor
4th Runner Up-Lauren Ashley Medlin-Daughter of Greg & Teresa Medlin

Miss Cutie Pie-Chelsey Michelle Brannon-Daughter of Bryan Brannon & Amanda Brannon
Miss Photogenic-Taneah Brooke Cantrell

Other Contestants were:
Tyra Grace Graham-Daughter of Kyle & Doris Graham
Jessica Price-Daughter of Charles Stubbe
Laura Lynn Reed-Daughter of Thomas & Denise Reed
Hannah Renea Walker-Daughter of Scott & Misty Walker

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