Six Graduate from Adult High School

May 9, 2014
Dwayne Page

Susan Hinton, Adult High School Leader and Program Supervisor, gave her annual report to the Board of Education and the Director of Schools Thursday night.

Hinton explained that a total of twenty five students were served during the 2013-14 school year. There were six graduates for the year. "This includes some people who got regular diplomas and it also includes some people who got an alternative diploma but they still got a diploma. I want to say congratulations to those students, " said Hinton. There are currently ten students in the program. "Some people meet with me weekly, every other day, they are working at home on computers. Some are there every day. It's kind of a different program than it started out being," she said.

Hinton read essays by two of her students. "At the end of the year, I always ask the students to tell the board what you think about the program, so I am going to read to you what my students said".

One of the essays is as follows:

"Adult high school will change my whole life for the better. If not for the adult high, I would not be going to school right now. I never went to regular school because I didn't have any friends at the new school and didn't want to make any so it was awkward. Adult high gives adult students a second chance to get a diploma or do pre-GED work. Education means a lot now, and without any education you can't even work at McDonald's

I think every county should have an adult high school. You can't even get a job without any source of education. Therefore, there will be more homeless or persons without a way to make a living because they can't get a job without some type of education.

We make progress in this room every day. When I first came here, my scores were not the best, but they're coming up more and more every day I am working.

There are not as many students in adult high school and it should stay that way because it's hard to get help when you are in a room full of students in a regular high school class. You are able to get more attention in adult high school on subjects you need help because of getting individual help.

With the hours being flexible the way they are, you can also work around your job or any personal responsibilities you may have or you may need to. It makes it fairly easy to do your work and get your hours. I like it in here in adult high school and so does everyone else and I am sure they would say the same. Adult high school helps change people's lives around whether they know it or not. Sometimes, older students visit the class and tell about the mistakes they made in dropping out or not taking advantage of the time they had in here.

It makes me realize how very important getting a high school education means for my future".

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