Toddler Winners at the DeKalb County Fair

July 26, 2014
Dwayne Page
Boys (13 to 18 months) Levi Bryson Nixon (left) Braxton Levi Knowles
Girls (13 to 18 months) Izzabella Mai Boner (left) Allionna Marie Rench
Boys (19 to 24 months) Zayne Ryan Thomas (left) Daniel Crew Adams
Girls (19 to 24 months) Lillian Rose Dillard (left) Mekazya Waggoner
Boys (25 to 30 months) Billy James Clark (left) Jacob "Jake" Trenton Sprague
Girls (25 to 30 months) Zoie Dee Ashburn (left) Brylee Key
Girls (31 to 36 months) Charley Loren Prichard (left) Emily Grace Roberts
Boys (37 to 47 months) Adonis Cooprider (left) Grayson Dean Brown
Girls (37 to 47 months) Emily Danielle Johnson (left) Mia Nicole Hall
Twins (13-47 months) Emma and Will Marshall

Winners of the annual Toddler Show were announced Friday evening at the DeKalb County Fair.

First place winners received a blue ribbon. Red ribbons went to those receiving second place.

This year's recipients are as follows:

Twins (13-47 months)
Emma and Will Marshall, the 30 month old children of Melonie and Jason Marshall of Liberty

Boys (13 to 18 months)
Winner: Levi Bryson Nixon, the 14 month old son of Nathan and Jessica Nixon of Smithville
Runner-up: Braxton Levi Knowles, the 15 month old son of Justin and Mary Knowles of Smithville

Other participants: Brantley Cole Wilkey, the 15 month old son of Kellyie Wilkey and Josh Anderson of Smithville; Raymond Lippart, IV, the 17 month old son of Raymond and Ashley Lippart of Smithville; Silas Hale, the 15 month old son of Connie and Josh Hale of Liberty; Turner Reece Stanley, the 16 month old son of Matt and Jessica Stanley of Alexandria; and Noah Bradley Hall, the 16 month old son of Bradley and Lacy Hall of Alexandria

Girls (13 to 18 months)
Winner: Izzabella Mai Boner, the 15 month old daughter of Robert Askew and Kia Boner of Smithville
Runner-up: Allionna Marie Rench, the 16 month old daughter of Jackie Gibbs and David Rench of Dowelltown.

Other participants: Jordyn Annabeth Shinabery, the 18 month old daughter of Friday and Marie Shinabery of Smithville; Kynlee Jade Griffith, the 17 month old daughter of Danielle Farler and Billy Griffith of Liberty; and Averi Gracella Speaks, the 13 month old daughter of Justin and Donna Speaks of Smithville

Boys (19 to 24 months)
Winner: Zayne Ryan Thomas, the 22 month old son of Zoe Whaley and Devin Thomas of Smithville
Runner-up: Daniel Crew Adams, the 19 month old son of Blaine and Kayla Adams of Smithville

Other participants: Conner Alexander Robinson, the 20 month old son of Heath and Tiffany Robinson of Dowelltown; Nicholas Adon Lackey, the 23 month old son of Linda Bain and Jason Lackey of Smithville; and Cooper Stanfield, the 19 month of son of Hunter and Nicole Stanfield of Smithville

Girls (19 to 24 months)
Winner: Lillian Rose Dillard, the 23 month old daughter of Anna and Edward Dillard of Dowelltown
Runner-up: Mekazya Waggoner, the 23 month old daughter of Rebecca Waggoner of Smithville

Other participants: Arraya Jenae Taylor, the 22 month old daughter of Angie Taylor and Michael Owens of Smithville; Averie Cheyanne Winchester, the 23 month old daughter of J.J. and Amanda Winchester of Dowelltown; and Hillary Michel Walker, the 21 month old daughter of Ed and Penny Walker of Smithville.

Boys (25 to 30 months)
Winner: Billy James Clark, the 27 month old son of Nikki and Bryan Clark of Smithville
Runner-up: Jacob "Jake" Trenton Sprague, the 28 month old son of Jimmy and Johnna Sprague of Smithville

Girls (25 to 30 months)
Winner: Zoie Dee Ashburn, the 30 month old daughter of Jeremy Ashburn and Trista Johnson
Runner-up: Brylee Key, the 28 month old daughter of Shannon and Holly Key of Alexandria

Other participants: Kimber Davis, the 26 month old daughter of Jared and Kelli Davis of Smithville; Nevaeh Adriana Herron, the 27 month old daughter of Gregory and Chrishanna Herron of Smithville; Alexis Nicole Graham, the 27 month old daughter of Derek and Andria Graham of Smithville; Lyra Dell McMinn, the 28 month old daughter of Nathan and Amanda McMinn of Dowelltown; and Kayleigh Ramirez, the 29 month old daughter of Tasha and Luiz Ramirez of Smithville

Boys (31 to 36 months): NONE

Girls (31 to 36 months)
Winner: Charley Loren Prichard, the 35 month old daughter of Andy and Chrissy Prichard of Liberty
Runner-up: Emily Grace Roberts, the 34 month old daughter of Kevin and Tonya Roberts of Liberty

Boys (37 to 47 months)
Winner: Adonis Cooprider , the 43 month old son of Rebecca and Heath Cooprider of Liberty
Runner-up: Grayson Dean Brown, the 42 month old son of Stacy and Jamie Brown of Smithville

Girls (37 to 47 months)
Winner: Emily Danielle Johnson, the 45 month old daughter of Clint and DeDe Johnson of Smithville
Runner-up: Mia Nicole Hall, the 39 month old daughter of Bradley and Lacy Hall of Alexandria

Other participants: Allie Nevaeh Tarpley, the 38 month old daughter of Steven and Mandy Tarpley of Smithville; Cora Marie Cox, the 40 month old daughter of Brandon and Whitney Cox of Smithville; India Aja Herron, the 42 month old daughter of Gregory and Chrishanna Herron of Smithville; Teagan Mae McCormick, the 44 month old daughter of Steven and Brelle McCormick of Dowelltown; Jo Cool, the 37 month old daughter of Sarah Lincoln and Aren Cool of Liberty; Caitlyn Lee Adcock, the 40 month old daughter of Jessie and Tia Adcock of Smithville; and Kenli Faith Fish, the 45 month old daughter of Tiffany Pedigo and Cody Fish of Smithville

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