Aggravated Prisoner Retaliates Against Sheriff

October 19, 2017
Dwayne Page
Michael Brandon Redmon

A prisoner aggravated with Sheriff Patrick Ray retaliated against him earlier this week after being released on bond.


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33 year old Michael Brandon Redmon of Holcomb Road, Smithville went to Sheriff Ray’s home on Belk Road late Monday night, beat on the front door several times, and tracked white paint on his asphalt driveway, sidewalk, and carpeted porch. Sheriff Ray was not at home when the incident occurred but his wife was there and called him.

The sheriff and detectives, who were working on other cases at the time, went to Ray’s home but Redmon had already left by the time they arrived.

Redmon was picked up in Warren County Thursday and served by officers there with a violation of probation warrant against him out of DeKalb County Criminal Court. Redmon was brought back to the DeKalb County Jail where he is being held without bond pending a November 27 date in General Sessions Court.

Because of his actions against the Sheriff, Redmon has also been charged with aggravated criminal trespassing; disorderly conduct, vandalism, and retaliation for a past action. While he can’t be released from jail because of the hold without bond due to the VOP, a bond of $22,500 has been set on the other charges and his court date for these offenses is November 16.

The sheriff explained that Redmon had been arrested on Thursday, October 12 by the Smithville Police Department for theft of property and that he was released on Saturday, October 14 after posting bond. However when Redmon was booked into the jail, correctional officers took some items from him, which they did not give back to Redmon upon his release. Redmon apparently became upset over the incident and decided to take out his frustrations against Sheriff Ray.

“During the morning hours of Monday, October 16, my wife was walking out to her vehicle to leave home for work when she noticed a note stuck on my (sheriff’s department) county vehicle. The note was from Michael Redmon. It had his name on there a couple of times,” said Sheriff Ray.

“Later that night I was at the jail with detectives working a theft case when my wife called to tell me that a man had come to our home. He had stood on our front porch and beat on the door. She said the man then walked back out into the roadway and stared at the house. He eventually left but returned later. Again he stood on our front porch, beat on the door, and then went back out in the yard and stared at our house”.

“When the detectives and I arrived the man was not there but I noticed white foot prints coming from Belk Grocery (across the road) which looked like paint. There were multiple foot prints of white paint which led to my house. The tracks went up my driveway, onto the sidewalk, and on the porch,” he continued.

Sheriff Ray said he learned that the paint had been poured out into a ditch on the other side of the road from the store earlier in the day by the owners of the business and that Redmon had spotted the paint when he came to Ray’s home that night.

“We obtained video surveillance footage of Redmon going to that paint. He intentionally stepped in it and walked toward my house. The closer he got to my house, the less paint he had on his shoes so he turned around and went back toward the paint. He picked up two handfuls of grass coated in paint, brought it right in front of my driveway in the roadway, stomped on it again and then walked up my driveway, sidewalk, and porch at my home leaving white tracks of paint,” explained Sheriff Ray.

"The video footage also showed Redmon going to the ditchline where the paint was poured out. He got something there, set it on fire, threw it back in the ditchline across the road from the store, and then walked off,” said the sheriff.

“My detectives and deputies had been searching for Redmon since the incident and were able to locate him Thursday in Warren County. They contacted Warren County authorities and Redmon was picked up for a violation of probation. He was brought back to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. The detectives talked to Redmon and he admitted to going to my house saying that he was aggravated. He confessed to stepping in the paint and walking up my driveway and on the porch," he continued.

“This is not the first time something like this has happened to a law enforcement officer but whether it is me, another law enforcement officer, judge, anyone affiliated with the judicial system, or victim of crime we will not allow this type of behavior. Retaliation against any crime victim will not be tolerated,” Sheriff Ray said.

The charges against Redmon are as follows:

*Aggravated criminal trespass: “On the 16th day of October, Redmon entered on the personal property of Patrick Ray and his wife without their consent. Redmon’s action did cause fear for the safety of another. He did commit the offense of vandalism during the trespassing”.

*Disorderly conduct: “ On October 16, Redmon did engage in threatening behavior with intent to cause public annoyance or alarm by beating on the door of the residence of Patrick Ray and his wife on Belk Road. Redmon did beat on the door on multiple occasions during the night of October 16 and early morning of October 17”.

*Vandalism: “On October 16, Redmon did intentionally tamper with the property of Patrick Ray and his wife whose residence is located on Belk Road. Redmon intentionally covered his shoes in white paint and walked up and down the asphalt driveway of the residence leaving white footprints. Redmon also caused damage to the carpeted porch of the residence leaving white footprints. Approximate damages are $150”.

*Retaliation for a past action: “On October 16, Redmon committed the unlawful act of vandalism by intentionally defacing the asphalt driveway and carpeted porch of Sheriff Patrick Ray whose residence is on Belk Road. Redmon vandalized the property due to him being aggravated because of an act that occurred in the Sheriff’s official capacity at the DeKalb County Jail”.

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