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Hometown Hero Promoted to Rank of Chaplain Colonel in U.S. Army

January 18, 2015
Dwayne Page
Father and son: Billy Hawkins, Sr. and U.S. Army Chaplain Colonel Bill Hawkins
U.S. Army Chaplain Colonel Brent Causey, Retired Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Will Bearden, Chaplain Colonel Bill Hawkins, Billy Hawkins, Sr., and Chaplain Captain Robert Sterling

U.S. Army Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Bill Hawkins, whose military career has carried him to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, returned home Saturday for a promotion ceremony and reception. Hawkins has been promoted to the rank of Chaplain Colonel.

The ceremony was held at the Smithville First Baptist Church, Chaplain Colonel Hawkins' hometown place of worship. Members of Hawkins' family, many friends, and veterans were in attendance. Military officials participating in the program were U.S. Army Chaplain Colonel Brent Causey, Retired Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Will Bearden, and Chaplain Captain Robert Sterling.

Chaplain Colonel Hawkin's father, Billy Hawkins, Sr., his wife Trudy, and their daughter and son, Sarah and Ben pinned the Colonel insignias on his service dress coat during the ceremony.

"I'm just overjoyed and excited about being here in Smithville and getting to celebrate a promotion that has been long in coming but to do that with my family has been outstanding," Chaplain Colonel Hawkins told WJLE after the ceremony.

Hawkins is a graduate of DeKalb County High School and Middle Tennessee State University. He began his Army career in 1985 when he simultaneously entered the ROTC program at Middle Tennessee State University and the Tennessee Army National Guard in Smithville. He received a reserve infantry Officer Commission in 1987 upon graduating from MTSU. After serving three years in both the Tennessee and Indiana Army National Guard, he transitioned to the Chaplain Candidate Program while studying at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. After a total of eight years of commissioned service in the Army National Guard and the Army Reserves, he entered Active Duty as a Chaplain at Fort Drum, New York in 1995.

Chaplain Hawkins' multiple assignments, both overseas and within the United States, include tours of duty in New York, Germany, Macedonia, Washington D.C. (2 assignments), Texas, Iraq, and Washington. The units he served include Corps Support Battalion, Air Defense Artillery, Army Medical Centers (3 tours), Field Artillery, Wounded Warrior Ministry, and his current assignment as the Garrison Chaplain at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

His awards include the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Ribbon (3 Oak Leaf Clusters), the Army Accommodation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal (2 Oak Leaf Clusters), the Air Assault Badge, the Combat Action Badge, and other Service, Campaign, and Superior Unit Awards.

His marriage to Trudy Hawkins spans 26 years, and they have two young adult children, 22 year old Sarah and 20 year old Benjamin.

Asked how long he plans to continue his military service, Chaplain Colonel Hawkins told WJLE he is leaving that up to God. "I am going to stay in the military until I feel called to do something else. That's God's calling. He'll let me know when it's time to leave," he said

Robin Summers Awarded as DeKalb Firefighter of the Year

January 18, 2015
Dwayne Page and Donny Green
Robin Summers-DeKalb Firefighter of Year
Lieutenant Brian Williams-Officer of the Year
Jeremy Neal-Git-R-Done Award
Steven Lawrence-Rookie of the Year
Kristie Johnson-"EMS Star of Life Award"
Firefighters receiving 75% Level Incentive Awards
Firefighters receiving 100% Level Incentive Awards
Firefighters recognized and presented pins for their years of service
Joanna Pennington presented plaque for her years of support for the DeKalb Fire Department

The 2014 DeKalb County Volunteer Firefighter of the Year is Robin Summers, Station Commander of the Short Mountain Highway Station.

Summers received the award Saturday night during the Department's Annual Awards Banquet held at the DeKalb County Complex.

Meanwhile,Lieutenant Brian Williams was named the DeKalb County Fire Department’s 2014 Officer of the Year and Jeremy Neal, Station Commander of the Blue Springs Station, received the Department’s 2014 “Git R Done" award. The "Rookie" award went to Firefighter Steven Lawrence of the Liberty Station. In addition to these four long standing awards, a new one has been created called the "EMS Star of Life Award" which will be presented annually to a member of the department who goes above and beyond to extend joint cooperation in improving emergency medical training and responses for members of the DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department. This year's winner is Kristie Johnson, Station Commander of the Main Station and a DeKalb EMS Paramedic.

The Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to Summers by Captain Anthony Boyd. "Robin was nominated this year and the evaluation of his nomination considered his fire call response, training attendance, and community service participation. The fire calls and training attendance stand for themselves. He excelled in both of those areas. As far as his community service, Robin has demonstrated an outstanding community service by taking the lead in allowing our department to be effective in fire prevention and education activities throughout the year. As Station Commander, Robin has gone to great extents to make himself available to train new recruits on his station, while also providing frequent refresher training to his veteran members assigned to the Short Mountain Station. The DeKalb County Fire Department attempts to recognize firefighters who reflect a positive image of the department in the community, and there’s absolutely no doubt that Robin has earned the honor of being named DeKalb County Fire Department’s 2014 “Firefighter of the Year”.

Chief Donny Green presented the "Officer of the Year" award and highlighted Lt. Williams’ achievement in training attendance, incident response, and community service. "Brian demonstrated an outstanding level of community service by taking the lead in allowing our department to partner with the Tennessee Fire Marshall’s Office in the “Get Alarmed Tennessee” Smoke Alarm Program. Starting in April 2013 and up to December 31, 2014, Brian has sacrificed his personal time and expense to travel to every community in DeKalb County while delivering and installing just over 1,000 smoke alarms in homes with no alarms, or in homes with deficient alarms. The degree of safety for our DeKalb County residents has been dramatically improved with Brian’s efforts in this program. A responsibility that he voluntarily accepted. “This type of community service so clearly demonstrates exceptional community service, while going above and beyond normal training and emergency response duties, and is exactly why Lt. Brian Williams was selected and recognized with the prestigious 2014 “Officer of the Year” Award, said Chief Green.

Neal's "Git R Done" award was presented by Lieutenant Jay Cantrell. "This award is given to a firefighter who demonstrates exceptional sacrifices by attending work sessions, additional instructor-led fire related training, and working to enhance the department’s fundraising successes. Jeremy willingly took on a leading role in planning and redesigning the department’s Jamboree food booth. The food booth is used each year at the Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and Crafts Festival and is the department’s major fundraising event. Jeremy headed up the booth renovation project that doubled the size of the food booth and helped make our 2014 food booth fundraiser the most successful year ever. Jeremy’s commitment to sacrifice his personal time, while leading the numerous work sessions involved in this project, clearly shows why he is being recognized as the 2014 recipient of the DeKalb County Fire Department’s “Git R Done” Award."

The "Rookie of the Year" award is exclusively based on hours of training and goes to a firefighter that completed his/her basic recruit training during 2014, according to Assistant Chief/Training Officer David Agee who made this year's presentation. "The department feels that the most important thing we can do for our new recruits is to give them basic training and reinforce the importance of training. Consequently, training is the sole criteria used in the “Rookie of the Year” selection. From January through December 2014, Steven had 168.75 hours of training, including completion of the 64 hour Basic Firefighter Training. In addition to his Basic Recruit training, he has completed extra training to improve his firefighting abilities. We certainly want to recognize recruits who demonstrate an outstanding level of commitment to training. Our department is fortunate to have an excellent group of recruits who have excelled in training in 2014. We are proud of all of them and we are honored to name Firefighter Steven Lawrence as our “Rookie of the Year” for 2014,” said Asst. Chief Agee.

Johnson's award, presented by Chief Green, is for her achievement in coordinating an Emergency Medical Responder course that was hosted in DeKalb County and which allowed many of the Department’s members to participate and complete the training. Kristie also conducted multiple CPR courses in the county. Because of her efforts, members of the Department have benefited by having better access to medical training opportunities. Chief Green commended Acting EMS Director Hoyte Hale for the cooperation and assistance extended to the department.

10 firefighters were recognized and presented pins for their years of service including the following:

5 years of service: Nelson Davis (Station Commander of the Cookeville Hwy. Station),
Bill Fowler (Station Commander of the Temperance Hall Station),
Robin Summers (Station Commander of the Short Mtn. Station), and
Gary King (Austin Bottom Station)

10 years of service: Jeremy Neal (Station Commander of the Blue Springs Station),
Tim Pedigo (Blue Springs Station), and
Calvin Tramel (Station Commander of the Midway Station)

15 years of service: Captain Michael Lawrence
25 years of service: Danny Parker (Johnson’s Chapel Station)
40 years of service: Wilson Williams (Liberty Station)

Assistant Chief David Agee was awarded the Department’s Honorary Lifetime Membership. David Agee, a former Captain, Lieutenant, and a member for 19 years is currently serving his second term as the Department’s Assistant Chief. He has made significant contributions to continued progress of the Department.

Thirty seven members of the department were also presented incentive awards for their “above and beyond” efforts in regards to training attendance and fire call response. Award incentives are provided to firefighters who made 100% of their monthly training and at least 35% of their assigned station calls, or at least 75% of their monthly training and at least 35% of their assigned station calls. Chief Green says the goal is to use these incentives as a tool to help encourage volunteer firefighters to stay engaged and involved with the training and operation in the department. Firefighters who met the 100% attendance criteria in 2014, each received $400 (or a prorated amount if they have been active for less than the full year). Firefighters who met the 75% attendance criteria in 2014, each received $200 (or a prorated amount if they have been active for less than the full year).

Firefighters receiving 100% Level Incentive Awards are as follows:
Asst. Chief David Agee, Matt Boss, Bill Fowler, Chief Donny Green, Donnie Johnson, Dusty Johnson, Jerry Wayne Johnson, Kristie Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Vert Komoroski, Ronald Merriman, Jeremy Neal, Andy Pack, Shawn Puckett, Brent Reed, Steve Repasy, Robert Sartin, Robin Summers, Calvin Tramel, and Lt. Brian Williams.

Firefighters receiving 75% Level Incentive Awards are as follows:
Matt Adcock, Josh Arnold, Brayde Baker, Seth Braseel, Lt. Kyle Casper, Gelasio “Marco” Chacon, Nelson Davis, Anthony Johnson, Mark Johnson, Gary King, Harley Lawrence, Steven Lawrence, Bob Myracle, Jason Neal, Danny Parker, Hugh Washer, and Lt. Chris Wyke.

Belk Station Commander Andy Pack presented a special Award of Appreciation to Joanna Pennington of the Belk Community. Mrs. Pennington has continuously helped secure financial support for the Belk Station.

To conclude the ceremony, Chief Green officially announced recent officer selections. Lieutenant Jay Cantrell has been promoted to the rank of Captain and Firefighter Jeff Williams has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

The Annual Awards Banquet began with a delicious meal and excellent entertainment from Steve Brogan, a comedian and ventriloquist who mixes stand-up comedy, puppetry, audience participation, and improvisation, along with his astonishing voice manipulations. Approximately 175 people were in attendance at the Awards Banquet, including firefighters, their families, local and state officials, graduates of the 2014 Citizens’ Fire Academies (Spring and Fall session), and community partners. County Fire Chief Donny Green presided over the ceremony.

DeKalb School Buses Pass Inspection, Drivers Recertified

January 17, 2015
Dwayne Page
THP Trooper Darryl Winningham inspects air pressure in school bus stop sign. Looking on are THP Sergeant Kent Norris (left) and School Transportation Supervisor Jimmy Sprague (right)
THP Trooper Darryl Winningham, School Transportation Supervisor Jimmy Sprague, and THP Sergeant Kent Norris

DeKalb County School buses have passed state inspection. Bus drivers were also tested and have been recertified.

State Trooper Darryl Winningham of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, inspector for this district, completed his evaluation this week (January 13-16) of all the buses in the fleet including the substitute buses.

"We've got 37 buses on route and four sub buses and everything has passed inspection with the state that is in service. It's been a long four days but they inspected all buses from front to rear including every switch, every air line, every fan motor, every light, and I'm proud to say that DeKalb County's buses are safe. We passed 100%. There were some simple things found that were wrong such as light bulbs and we had one exhaust leak but all of that was fixed on the spot and there were no reinspections. The state passed them. Again, we have 42 buses in the fleet counting our band bus that hauls the band equipment and we have a shuttle bus we use. Thirty seven buses are on route and we have four buses that are used as sub buses, two handicapped buses and two class-D regular route 90 passenger buses that are substitute status," said School Transportation Supervisor Jimmy Sprague in an interview with WJLE Friday.

"I do a level one inspection. I go from the front to the back and top to bottom from checking the tire tread depth to checking brakes, pads, rotors, and drums. I check the seats to make sure they are secure. I check the air pressure on the brakes to make sure it holds pressure and that there are no air leaks. I check every light inside and outside the bus. Anything that has to do with the safety of the bus, we check it. We've been here for four days this week and I usually inspect eight to ten buses a day. When we leave everything will be up and in service, running well," Trooper Winningham told WJLE

"In this inspection, we found minor headlight, brake light, running light (deficiencies). They could have happened on their way in here today. Most things were a simple fix. Everything was fixed as we went. We didn't find anything that runs the route that should be out of service. Our job is to maintain a level of inspection on the bus to keep it safe for all the children. We're not here to put them out (of service) we're here to keep them up. That's our whole purpose here to inspect them to make sure they are safe and ready to pick up a child," said Trooper Winningham.

On Friday, the bus drivers tested for recertification. "We did recertification of our drivers and I'm proud to say that all of our drivers are recertified with an endorsement through the state. Nobody failed," Sprague concluded.

FSA County Committee Elections Held

January 17, 2015
Donny Green

Donny Green, County Executive Director of the DeKalb/Cannon County Farm Service Agency, says the DeKalb/Cannon FSA County Committee met in regular session on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 to canvass and tabulate the ballots received in the 2014 Local Administrative Area (LAA) # 2 (DeKalb County) and LAA # 4 (Cannon County) County Committee Elections.

In the LAA # 2 election, Jack Campbell was elected to serve as Committee Member, and Thomas Chandler was elected to serve as 1st. Alternate. In the LAA # 4 election, Javin Fann was elected to serve as Committee Member, and Steve Foster was elected to serve as 1st. Alternate. All elected members began their terms on January 1, 2015.

The DeKalb/Cannon FSA County Committee met on January 6, 2015 to conduct its Organizational Meeting. The Committee selected Jack Campbell as the Chairperson, and Javin Fann as the Vice-Chairperson for 2015. Mary Sanders, R.V. Billings, Jr, and Charles Brown serve as members of the Committee. The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the DeKalb/Cannon County USDA Service Center located at 647 Bright Hill Rd.

Green says that the DeKalb/Cannon FSA County Committee and office staff wishes to express their appreciation to voters in LAA’s # 2 and # 4 who participated in the elections by voting and returning their ballots. "The local County Committees are a very important part of Farm Service Agency's program delivery and administrative processes," added Green.

For more information about FSA's County Committees or other program inquiries, call 597-8225 (extension 2) or come by the DeKalb/Cannon County Farm Service Agency office at 647 Bright Hill Street in Smithville. You can also visit the agency’s web site at: www.fsa.usda.gov.

STEMmobile Making Return Visit to DeKalb West School

January 15, 2015
STEMmobile Making Return Visit to DeKalb West School

Getting children excited about science, technology, engineering and math can be a challenge for any teacher.

Yet some of the teachers at DeKalb West School will have a new tool for four days next week to ignite their students’ interest, the STEMmobile.

The STEMmobile is scheduled to arrive Friday and will be there for teachers and students to make use of during the four days of school next week, January 20-23. "Next week, the four days of school our third through eighth grade will be able to go there and do some science, technology, and math activities with our science teachers. We're going to incorporate that with our third through eighth grades along with some of our after school programs" said DeKalb West School Principal Sabrina Farler during Thursday night's Board of Education meeting.

The STEMmobile is a mobile learning laboratory that provides a unique, on-site educational experience for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade school children. The mobile classroom brings technology to the doorsteps of schools, and the students have access to state-of-the-art equipment to help them to learn about STEM topics in creative and hands-on ways.

This is the second STEMmobile visit to DeKalb West School and it will be open to the public on Sunday, January 25 from 2-3 p.m.

The STEMmobile is a one-of-a-kind product of the Oakley STEM Center and Tennessee Tech University as part of the Upper Cumberland Rural STEM Initiative, a grant project funded by Tennessee’s First to the Top program. UCRSI is part of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, where the mission is to enhance student participation and interest in STEM subjects.

The UCRSI project includes STEM platform schools in Putnam County and a hub school selected by each participating county or school district to become more focused on STEM learning. UCRSI also has a STEM Hub, the Oakley STEM Center at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. The
UCRSI Hub represents a partnership between the 21 school districts, three post-secondary institutions and 11 STEM-related or innovative businesses and non-profit organizations committed to supporting STEM education.

UCRSI’s goal is to tackle the unique challenges of enhancing STEM education for younger learners in mostly rural areas, and to create innovative and collaborative solutions to these challenges.

Housed in a 53-foot tractor-trailer with self-contained power, the STEMmobile has its own heating and cooling system, a satellite uplink for Internet connectivity and workstations to accommodate about 24 students at a time. The classroom on wheels is stocked with equipment from the Oakley STEM Center and includes equipment and supplies for activities for each grade level.

The Oakley STEM Center also has a lending library of STEM instructional materials to partially equip the STEMmobile and classroom kits for STEM subjects are on board, ready to go. The trailer is moved from site to site by Averitt Express, Inc., which has sponsored a significant portion of the transportation costs for the school year.

The STEMmobile is designed to help students learn more about three core STEM themes particularly relevant to rural students: water, with a focus on its importance, usage and conservation; energy, which highlights how power is generated, ways to lower consumption, green energy and long-term energy needs; and my food, my body, my health, which helps students learn more about agriculture, health, nutrition and physical fitness.

135 DCHS Seniors Have Signed Up For TN Promise

January 15, 2015
Dwayne Page
Patrick Cripps

One hundred thirty five seniors at DCHS have signed up for an opportunity to receive two years of tuition-free community or technical college through Tennessee Promise.

Patrick Cripps, DCHS Principal reported to the school board Thursday night that he is proud of the student response to this program. "I am really proud of our seniors. We've got 135 kids signed up for (TN Promise) out of 195. I'm also really proud of the work Ms. (Lori) Myrick (DCHS Guidance Counselor) has done getting kids signed up for that," he said.

Tennessee Promise is both a scholarship and mentoring program that will begin in the fall of 2015. It will provide students a last-dollar scholarship, meaning the scholarship will cover tuition and fees not covered by the Pell grant, the HOPE scholarship, or TSAA funds. Students may use the scholarship at any of the state’s 13 community colleges, 27 colleges of applied technology, or other eligible institution offering an associate’s degree program. While removing the financial burden is key, a critical component of Tennessee Promise is the individual guidance each participant will receive from a mentor who will assist the student as he or she navigates the college admissions process. In addition, Tennessee Promise participants must complete eight hours of community service per term enrolled, as well as maintain satisfactory academic progress (2.0 GPA) at their institution.

Cripps said the community response to the mentoring aspect of the program has also been great. "I want to give a big thank you to our community. We must have mentors to work with those students and we have close to 25 or 30 community members. I just want to say thank you to them for giving their time because there are certain requirements students have to meet to get this free money. We have had some to step up and are willing to work with our students to do that," he said.

Students who have signed up for TN Promise are reminded to file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms by February 15. "Students who are signed up for this program need to have their FAFSA form completed by February 15. That's the deadline. If you don't have your FAFSA done by February 15 you may very well miss out on the money. That's a very important date for parents and kids to get that filled out. We had a workshop on Monday and we had someone come out and help with filling out the FAFSA forms. There are workshops set up through the state and if parents have questions they may call the high school and we can link them to another high school if they need help with that," said Cripps.

Statewide, 56,000 seniors have signed up for the Tennessee Promise Initiative. November 1, 2014 was the deadline to register.

Farm Bill Meeting for Producers, Landowners, and Agri-Industry

January 14, 2015
Donny Green

Donny Green, County Executive Director of the DeKalb/Cannon County Farm Service Agency announces that a Farm Bill Meeting will be held on January 26, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in Woodbury at the Woodbury Lions Club Building, 614 Lehman Street, Woodbury, TN. The meeting is free and open to the public and lunch will be provided.

Topic of the meeting will include: Base Acre Reallocation, Yield Updates, Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), Price Loss Coverage (PLC), Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO), and Farm Service Agency Decisoin Aids.

Learning more about ARC and PLC is extremely important for row crop producers who must make a one-time decision about base and yield options by February 27, 2015. In addition, the choice of whether to elect ARC or PLC must be made by March 31, 2015. There are many variables that must be considered when making these crucial one-time decisions. Dr. Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee Extension Crop Marketing Specialist and Mr. Dallas Manning, University of Tennessee Extension Area Farm Management Specialist will be on hand to answer any questions after the program.

Although the meeting is free and open to the public, please contact the UT Extension Office in your county to register so planning can be allowed for the lunch. If you are in DeKalb County, please call 597-4945. If you are in Cannon County, please call 563-2554.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Stop 9410, Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call toll-free at (866) 632-9992 (English) or (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 377-8642 (English Federal-relay) or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish Federal-relay).

WJLE Radio Shopper Airs Friday Morning

January 14, 2015
Dwayne Page
WJLE's Dale Carroll will co-host the RADIO SHOPPER program with Dwayne Page Friday Morning

WJLE and participating local businesses are giving you a chance to bid on and buy merchandise at a discount in the RADIO SHOPPER on Friday, January 16.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. that morning, WJLE will be opening up the phone lines for you to bid on various items from F.Z. Webb & Sons Gifts, DeKalb County Ace Hardware, Extreme Team Salon, Dairy Queen, Kilgore’s Restaurant, DeKalb Farmers Coop, K& M Jewelry, This & That Gifts, Sew Clever Fabric N More, DeKalb Tire & Service, Bumpers Drive-In, Cantrell’s the home of Fluty and Fluty’s Shoes, Head Turners Salon, Flower Box, the White Possum Grille, and possibly others!

WJLE will set a minimum bid on each item, and continue the bidding until the item is sold. The program on Friday will be limited to around three hours. If we have more items to sell, the program will resume the following Friday morning, January 23 at 8:30 a.m.

It’s going to be fun and exciting! Be sure to be by your radio and your telephone on Friday, January 16 at 8:30 a.m. and call in a bid to RADIO SHOPPER on WJLE. The program will also be streamed LIVE at www.wjle.com.


Fluty: Spanx Bra-llelujah: $62.00; Spanx Power Panties: $34.00; Enro man's shirt (no iron) $74.00; One Pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans ( up to $108.00); Man's suit (up to a $200 value); Columbia shirt (man or woman) $35; Memory Foam shoes by Skechers (up to $60 value) for men or women

Flower Box: One Dozen Red Roses: $65.00

DeKalb Ace Hardware: Living Accents Outdoor LP Patio Heater: $179.99

Farmers Coop: 40 pound bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. $22.00

Kilgore's Restaurant: $25.00 Gift Cards (3 to be sold)

DeKalb Tire & Service: Certificate worth $300 toward the purchase of a set of tires

Extreme Team Salon: Eva Dover. 5 men's cuts & styles by Eva Dover. 3 men's cuts and 2 ladies cuts by Stephanie Goines; 2 men's cuts and 2 ladies cuts by Kristie Johnson, and 5/ $10 certificates to use on hair care products of your choice.

Bumpers Drive-In: 3-catfish dinners $10.00 each; 3-biggie bags (two burgers, two large fries, two large drinks, and apple turnovers) 12.50 each; 2-chicken dinners $7.00 each

Dairy Queen: 3-8 inch photo cakes- $26.95 each; 3-8 inch Blizzard cakes- $22.95 each; 3- 4 piece chicken dinners with drink- $6.38 each; 3- salads with drink- $5.98 each

Head Turners Salon: Gift card for any hair service by Debbie Grimmett. $20; Man's haircut by Debbie Grimett: $12.00; Joico Color Endurance shampoo and conditioner set (10 ounce bottles) by Judith Hale: $22; Joico Smooth Cure shampoo and conditioner set (10 ounce bottles) by Judith Hale: $22; Joico Daily Care shampoo and conditioner set (10 ounce bottles) by Judith Hale: $22; Gift Certificate by Dana Turner for service only-no products: $25; Gift certificate by Nail Tech Rachel Baker-service only: $15

Sew Clever Fabric N More: 1-Owl Baby quilt. 34" x 41 1/2". Features a cute owl sitting in a tree, background is shades of pink with lime green accent. Back of quilt is lime green and white polka dots. Adorable baby girl quilt. Retails for $45; 1-"My Friend Maisy" girl or boy quilt. 42" x 58" great for a toddler bed. This quilt has a white background is in primary colors of red, white and blue. The back is a dark blue with red binding. Retails for $65; 1-Wall mirror 31" x 56" made by Sigoloff Frame and Art. Gold beaded frame with beveled glass. Can be hung horizontal or vertical. Gorgeous feature mirror. Retail $249; 1-Pants Hemmed. Are your pants too long? We will hem two pairs of your pants. Regular straight hem. If you would like to see pictures check out our Facebook page. Just search Sew Clever Fabric.

K& M Jewelry: $300 gift certificate good toward any purchase in the store

This & That Gifts: $50 Gift Card

F.Z. Webb & Sons Gifts:UT Projector Rock (Displays Power T on your house) $22; UT Pool Float $39.99; Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Dress up doll with clothes for ages 3 plus $12.99; Melissa and Doug Lock & Latch Board ages 3 plus $19.99; Ganz stuffed owl $12; Orla Moonlight 100% soy wax candle $12.99; Time & Again Glass Heart with red hot cinnamon oil $24; Large Woodwick Aloe Diffuser set $25; Mika Sharable Body Massage Kit $19.99; Soccer Ball 4" x 6" Frame $15; Grasslands "Merry Christmas" ceramic plaque with stand $27)

City Awards Bid for New Automated Read Water Meters

January 13, 2015
Dwayne Page

The City of Smithville will soon be replacing all customer water meters with new automated read meters.

The aldermen last week accepted a bid from Advanced Utility Services of North Little Rock Arkansas to supply approximately 2,500 new meters at a cost of $532,600. The project will be funded under a USDA Rural Development grant/loan program.

In 2010, the city received approval for a $95,000 grant and a $315,000 loan to pay for the purchase and installation of the new automated water meters. "The loan is set up through Rural Development at a 2.75% interest over a twenty year period. We can pay it off all at one time, over a couple of years, or over twenty years. The grant is free money to the city to help fund the project," said City Administrator Hunter Hendrixson.

But since the project has been delayed, Hendrixson said the cost has increased. "We finally took bids on October 28. By the time we got bids after four years the cost of the project has gone up. We had a $122,000 higher cost than originally estimated. However Rural Development has approved to put that ($100,000) on the loan amount and the city will have to pay a match of $22,000 in an applicant cost overrun contribution," said Hendrixson.

The new meters are expected be more accurate to help prevent water loss. Hendrixson said the system will save the city time, money, and wear and tear on city vehicles. "Instead of taking seven working days to have two men read meters, it will only take one day with these meters. Labor wise it will save a lot of money over time. From what we understand in talking to other utility districts, automated meters are a lot more accurate and usually revenue increases," he said.

The new system also keeps a 90 day history of customer's water usage and sensors are on the meters to alert city officials in the event of tampering or unusually large amounts of water usage.

Any city employee no longer needed to read meters will be reassigned to other positions in the public works department. No one will lose his job due to the new system.

City officials also stress that no increase in water or sewer rates would be needed to pay for it.

One Injured in Monday Afternoon Wreck

January 13, 2015
Dwayne Page
Chevy Malibu driven by Wanda Wallace
F-150 driven by Pedro Gonzales

One person was transported to DeKalb Community Hospital after a two vehicle accident Monday afternoon on Highway 56 south.

62 year old Wanda Wallace of Smithville was treated. Her injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

According to Trooper Brandon Jackson of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Wallace was driving south in a Chevy Malibu as 37 year old Pedro Gonzales of Smithville was traveling north in an F-150 pickup truck. Trooper Jackson told WJLE that Gonzales ran off the right side of the highway and overcorrected into the path of Wallace's car. The Malibu struck the pickup toward the rear on the passenger side and came to rest in the southbound lane facing west. The truck went off the west side of the highway into a field.

Gonzales was not injured.

Trooper Jackson said charges are pending against Gonzales.


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