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Board of Education Adopts Tentative Budget

May 15, 2009
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Board of Education, by a vote of 5 to 2, adopted a tentative budget for the 2009-2010 school year Thursday night which is expected to be presented to the county mayor's office Friday, May 15th.

Board members Kenny Rhody, Johnny Lattimore, W.J. (Dub) Evins III, Joan Draper, and Bruce Parsley voted for it. Board member John David Foutch and Chairman Charles Robinson voted no.

Director of Schools Mark Willoughby calls it a "bare bones" budget since the school system is having to use BEP reserves and federal stimulus money to balance it. There are no local pay raises for employees in the budget, except for the step increases under the pay scale. The budget does includes a one percent increase in health insurance matching for all employees participating in the program.

A few "positions" are being eliminated under the general purpose budget, but the jobs will be saved thanks to the school system's allocation of federal stimulus dollars, which will be used to fund them.

The school board is not asking for a property tax increase this year, but Director Willoughby did not rule out the possibility that the board might have to ask the county commision for more money, should the system run short for fuel and utilities later in the year.

More capital outlay funds are already being requested in order to obtain two portables, one at the high school, and another for either the high school or DeKalb West School to address overcrowding concerns

In a statement to the board and the public, Willoughby said " the 2009-2010 General Purpose Budget before you tonight is again a bare bones budget."

"This year, as in prior years, we have a shortfall in Revenues over Expenditures and have used our reserve funds to balance the budget in order to prevent requesting a tax increase. As the Director of Schools, I am very concerned about the financial impact this will have on the school system if we continue this practice. I fear that our reserve funds will soon be depleted and we will have no money in the bank."

"We are also using funds from the School Sinking Fund (Local Option Sales Tax) as yearly operating revenues. Originally, this fund was established to fund capital outlay projects for the school system (for items such as new roofs) to avoid the need for notes or bonds. In 1995-96, we received $210,000 from this fund. We are now using $1,538,150. This too is a concern. Our buildings must be maintained. It is anticipated that we will need to replace school roofs at DeKalb Middle and DeKalb West in the next few years. The county will need to consider funding for these items as well."

"We are eliminating positions in the General Purpose Budget due to insufficient funds. This will allow our system to use the Federal Stimulus Money to retain these positions for the next two years. This is only a temporary fix. After two years, we will need to fund the positions in General Purpose again with local revenues."

"I would like for everyone to clearly understand that the DeKalb County School System will need additional local revenue, although we are not requesting this for the 2009-2010 school year, it will be needed soon in order to meet the educational needs of the children of DeKalb County."

"I would also like to remind you that should such items as fuel, insurance, and electricity increase, there may be a need for the Board of Education to request additional funding from the county commission."

The county commission's budget committee will now study the school system's proposal and could make changes of it's own, before final passage by the full commission later this summer.

In other business, the High School and Jr. Pro Football programs are seeking permission from the Board of Education to build a new field house for the Tiger football program.

Darrell Gill of Jr. Pro Football formally made the request on behalf of Tiger Coach Steve Trapp during the school board meeting Thursday night. Trapp could not attend due to a scrimmage game involving his team.

Gill said the new fieldhouse would be built with high school football and Jr. Pro funds and that the school system would not be asked for any money. He added that most of the construction would be done with volunteer labor.

The new fieldhouse, a 50 x 70 foot block exterior structure with a metal roof, would be located near the existing facility between the practice field and playing field. It would be for the Tiger football program complete with a dressing room area, locker room, training room, utility room, showers and bathrooms, an office for the coach, and two dry storage areas, one of which would be for the youth football league.

Gill says during the football season, visiting high school teams could use the locker room section of the old building to dress and other local football programs could make use of the existing fieldhouse as well including the middle school, youth football, and high school soccer teams.

The school board's facilities committee will meet next Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at the high school football field house to determine if there are legal or liability issues. The board will then meet in special session on Thursday, May 28th to formally approve or deny the request.

Supporters say they want to have the building finished by the time football season gets underway this fall.

Meanwhile, sealed bids are being accepted for the sale of a new house, recently constructed by students in the DCHS Carpentry Class.

The house, located at 140 Evergreen Lane, Smithville, has approximately 1,652 square feet of living area with an attached 528 square foot 2-car garage, master bedroom with master bath and walk-in closet, utility room with half bath, kitchen with eating area, and downstairs den area. The upstairs includes two bedrooms, sitting room, and full bath, 12 x 20 deck, 2 central heat and air gas units, gas hot water heater, 5' x 22' front porch, concrete driveway, hardwood flooring in the living room and den area, tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, and carpet in the bedrooms.

The minimum bid is $140,000. Bids are to be mailed or delivered to the DeKalb County Board of Education,110 South Public Square, Smithville in a sealed envelope clearly marked as a "Bid" and will be received until 4:00 p.m. June 11th. The house can be viewed by appointment only. Call the Board of Education to request a viewing at 615-597-4084.

The sealed bids will be opened at the next school board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on June 11th.

School Board Honors Retiring Teachers

May 14, 2009
Dwayne Page
Retiring Teachers Judy Fuson, Wayne Fuson, and Vicky Terrell

Three long time DeKalb County teachers are retiring at the close of the school year.

Wayne Fuson, Judy Fuson, and Vicky Terrell were honored at a reception Thursday night following the Board of Education meeting at the cafeteria of DeKalb County High School.

Wayne Fuson is completing 35 years as a teacher at the DCHS Vocational School. Judy Fuson has taught for a total of 30 years, most of that time at DeKalb County High School. Vicky Terrell, an educator at DeKalb Middle School, has taught for 20 years.

Teachers who recently attained tenure status were also honored including William Conger, Misty Franklin, Shelly Jennings, Sabrina Kirksey, Kristy Lasser, Michael Littrell, Rolando Navarro, Elizabeth Pafford, Rebecca Oliver, Amy Raymond, and Amy Young. Some of these teachers were unable to attend Thursday night's meeting.

Meanwhile Kelly Jo Birmingham has resigned as assistant band director. She will continue to serve as music teacher. Jennifer Agee has resigned as an educational assistant.

Meanwhile, Director of Schools Mark Willoughby announced that he has employed the DeKalb County Support Staff for the 2009-2010 school year.

He presented the list of employees to the Board of Education Thursday night.

Those employed at DeKalb County High School are:

Rena Adcock- Cook, Richard Bullard- Custodian, Kathy Chapman-Cook, Kenderly Cripps- Guidance/Records Clerk, Annette Davis- Educational Assistant, Debbie Eaton- Educational Assistant, Regina Estes- Secretary, Beverly Ferrell- Educational Assistant, Dena Haugh- Educational Assistant, Faye Hendrix- Vocational Secretary, Jerry Herman- Custodian, Melissa Hicks- Cook, Helen LaFevre-Cook, Rita Leichtfuss- Educational Assistant, Deborah Magness- Bookkeeper, Rhonda Merriman-Educational Assistant, JoAnn Pittman-Custodian, Brian Reed- Educational Assistant, Denise Rutland- Custodian, Ray Robinson- Custodian, Vicky Sandlin- Cook, Rachel Seal- Educational Assistant, Cori Sexton- Educational Assistant, Sharon Washer- Cook, Suzanne Williams-Educational Assistant, Jamie Wright- Guidance Clerk, and Debbie Young-Cafeteria Manager.

DeKalb Middle School:

Rita Beshearse- Part Time Library Assistant/Part Time Cafeteria Monitor, Heather Blankenship- Educational Assistant, Helen Burt- Cook, Helen Cantrell-Cook, Fay Gilreath- School Bookkeeper, Connie Haggard- Cook, Truitt Hale- Custodian (medical leave of absence), Murinna Herman- Custodian, Barbara Hibdon- Cook, Rita Johnson-Cook, Samantha Lester- School Secretary, Reba Malone- Custodian, Diane Mason- Educational Assistant, Paulette McDonald- Educational Assistant, Lisa Norton- Educational Assistant, Julie Pugh- Educational Assistant, and Eldon Vanatta- Cafeteria Manager, .

Smithville Elementary School:

Brent Arnold-Educational Assistant, Austin Bain-Custodian, Jimmy Barnes- Custodian, Wendy Bowling- Educational Assistant (medical leave of absence), Pauline Braswell- Educational Assistant, Barbara Ann Ervin- Cafeteria Manager, Darlene Evans-Educational Assistant, Jennifer Gay- Educational Assistant, Crystal Gordon- Educational Assistant, Betty Griffith- Educational Assistant, Jean Hayes- Cook, Vickie Jefferies- Educational Assistant, Melinda Lattimore- Educational Assistant, Brittany Lockard- Educational Assistant, Sara Lomas-Custodian, Pat Milam- Part Time Cafeteria Monitor/Substitute Custodian, Tera Mooneyham-Educational Assistant, Diana Moon- Educational Assistant, Dori Mooneyham- Educational Assistant, Freeda Pedigo- Cook, Rhonda Pelham- Secretary/Receptionist, Amelia Phillips- Cook, Lori Poss- School Bookkeeper, Brenda Rigney- Educational Assistant, Teresa Spencer- Educational Assistant, Beverly Starnes- Cook, Peggy Sutton- Educational Assistant, Wayne Taylor- Custodian, Tammy Tyler- Cook, Annie Walker- Educational Assistant, and Celia Whaley- Educational Assistant,

Northside Elementary:

Vickey Atnip- Educational Assistant, Emma Jean Bandy- Cook, Suzanne Bradford- Educational Assistant, Clay Bumbalough- Custodian, Betty Cooper-Cook, Amme Cantrell- Educational Assistant, Heather Cornelius- Educational Assistant, Gail Crips- Secretary, Evril Cubbins- Educational Assistant, Regina Daw- Cafeteria Manager, Rebecca Ervin- Cook, Starr Ferrell-Educational Assistant, Kenneth Gordon- ESL Assistant (English as Second Language), Phyllis Hallum- Educational Assistant, Thelma Martin- Educational Assistant, Denise Merriman-Cook, Angie Moore-Educational Assistant, Rebecca Moss- Educational Assistant, Lynn Pichey-Custodian, Jo Dean Redmon- Lunch Monitor, Linda Sorrell- Educational Assistant, Diane Trapp- School Bookkeeper, Diane Trapp- School Bookkeeper, Kim Violet- Custodian, and Elizabeth White- Cook

DeKalb West School:

Holly Bain-Educational Assistant, Betty Boss- Educational Assistant, Brenda Beth Cantrell-Educational Assistant, Donna Driver- Cook, Dorothy Duggin-Custodian, Tina Edwards- Educational Assistant, Ruth Frazier- Custodian, Pauline Frazier- Custodian, Shelly Gibson- Educational Assistant, Lisa Hale- Secretary, Donna Hale- School Bookkeeper, Nancy Mulloy- Cook, Faye Nixon-Cook, Tina Paschal- Educational Assistant, Elizabeth Redmon-Educational Assistant, Tonya Roberts- Educational Assistant, Kristi Sullivan- Educational Assistant, Linda Vickers- Cook and Georgia Young-Cafeteria Manager.

County Wide Positions:

Chandra Adcock- School Nurse, Jenean Bain- Bus Assistant, Sandra Billings- Substitute Bus Assistant, Wanda Bradford- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Benita Byars- School Nurse, Charles Cantrell- Substitute Custodian, Cindy Childers- Coordinated School Health Assistant, Bettye June Dodd- Bus Assistant, Kelly Driver- Part-Time Physical Therapist, Sharon Farler- Substitute School Nurse, Julie Fitts- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Greg Frasier- Computer Technician, Melissa Fuson- Substitute School Nurse, Theresa Garrison- Part-time Occupational Therapist, Billy Golden- Maintenance Worker, Rhonda Harpole- Library Assistant -half time at Smithville Elementary School and half time at Northside Elementary School, Darnette Hibdon- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Terry Hicks- Maintenance Worker, Earl Jared- Maintenance Supervisor, Freda Johnson- Bus Assistant, Mary Joines- Bus Assistant (Medical Leave of Absence), Eddy Roy Judkins- Maintenance Worker, Teresa Miller- Payroll/Bookkeeper Central Office, Brad Mullinax- Technology Director, Jean Neal-Bus Assistant, Shirley Ours- Special Education Secretary, April Odom- Attendance Clerk, Angela Patrick- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Melissa Pirtle- Food Service Bookkeeper, Jo Dean Redmon- Part Time Custodian- Brian Reed- Alternative School Assistant, Tammy Rhea- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Joyce Robinson- Payroll/Bookkeeper Central Office, Jennifer Roller- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Teresa Sullivan- Educational Assistant at DeKalb Middle School and DeKalb West School, Glynn Taylor- Substitute Bus Assistant, Ricky Todd- Substitute Custodian, Kimberly Turner- School Nurse, Pam Turner- Substitute School Nurse, Barbara Vanatta- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Jamie Vickers- Secretary/Bookkeeper Central Office, Joannie Williams- School Nurse, Jeanette Young- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, and Rita Young-Attendance Clerk at Northside Elementary and Smithville Elementary School.


Peggy Pursell- Transportation Supervisor, Orlando Guzman- Mechanic, and Rick Holcomb- Mechanic.

The following are bus drivers:

Harold Ashford, Karen Adkins, Dwayne Cantrell, Dwayne Cornelius, Dinah Cripps, Elaine Davis, Debbie Eaton, Julie Fayette, Marshall Ferrell, Starr Ferrell, Linda Fowler, Bill Fowler, Lynn Griffith, Judith Hale, Darnette Hibdon, Melissa Hicks, Michael Kingsbury, Kimberly Lawson, Angela Lawson, Bobby Martin, Ronald Merriman, Jimmy Mullican, Linda Gail Pack, Walter Phillips, Faye Pollard, Jimmy Poss, Tony Poss, Peggy Pursell, J.T. Pursell,, Bobby Taylor, and Mark Violet.

Substitute bus drivers are: Danny Bond, Cathy Driver, Julie Fitts, Tina Fletcher, Daniel Lawson, B.J. Thomason, and David Turner.

Grand Jury Indicts 24 in Undercover Drug and Theft Investigations

May 13, 2009
Dwayne Page
Sheriff Patrick Ray and Deputy Brandon Donnell Preparing to Book Riley Anthony Bullard in Wednesday Night Roundup

Members of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department spent much of Wednesday night rounding up defendants named in sealed indictments returned by a special session of the Grand Jury on Monday.

The defendants were arrested and brought to the main station of the DeKalb County Fire Department on King Ridge Road to be booked.

The State of Tennessee Department of Revenue, Drug Tax Enforcement Division, was also on hand collecting drug taxes from some of these defendants.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says the Grand Jury returned 162 count sealed indictments involving twenty four defendants as the result of an undercover investigation conducted by the Sheriff's Department, which has been underway since last fall. " They are charged with drug trafficking crimes and several of the defendants are charged with theft crimes. All the drug defendants are considered active dealers in their communities."

"During our investigation we bought prescription drugs such as hydrocodone, dilaudid, oxycontin, and a new drug we've seen come out called roxycodone, which is the same thing as oxycontin, it's just not time released like oxycontin. We also bought marijuana."

"We had a couple of defendants who were charged in theft crimes at the Four Seasons Boat Marina and at an impound lot of a local wrecker driver. They broke in there and stole some radios and other equipment. Some of them also busted out the front glass of some businesses around the City of Smithville."

"This operation is my administration's way of showing the citizens of DeKalb County that we are serious about dealing with the drug problem here. We're also serious about the burglaries and thefts that we have here in the county. I made a pledge to the citizens and voters that I would help put people in jail that deal in drugs and keep them off the streets and out of the reach of children."

"We've already started our next phase of drug investigations so we'll probably be taking more warrants at a later date. We also have some more theft and burglary cases that the criminal detectives are working on that also could possibly turn into sealed indictments such as these."

The following are names of defendants in this investigation who have been arrested so far:

32 year old Dana Michelle Bullard of Prater Road Smithville- possession of a schedule II drug (dilaudid) for resale and delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $100,000

20 year old Timothy (Tyler) William Patrick of the Loop, Smithville- one count of sale of a schedule II drug (Dilaudid) and one count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $50,000.

31 year old Brandy Egerton of Page Drive Smithville, charged with auto burglary and vandalism under $500. Her bond is $10,000.

19 year old Amanda Brook England of A.B. Frazier Road Smithville- 4 counts of auto burglary, 13 count of burglary, 8 counts of vandalism under $500, 6 counts of vandalism over $500, 8 counts of vandalism over $1,000, 5 counts of theft of property under $500, 1 count of theft of property over $500, 5 counts of theft over $1,000, 1 count of sale and 1 count of delivery of a schedule III drug (Hydrocodone). Total bond $150,000

21 year old Troy Lee Cunningham of A.B. Frazier Road Smithville- 4 counts of auto burglary, 13 counts of burglary, 8 counts of vandalism under $500, 6 counts of vandalism over $500, 8 counts of vandalism over $1,000, 5 counts of theft of property under $500, 1 count of theft of property over $500, 5 counts of theft over $1,000, 1 count of sale and 1 count of delivery of a schedule III drug (Hydrocodone). Total bond $150,000

34 year old Brad Elliott Johnson of Village Place Smithville- 2 counts of sale of schedule II drug (Oxycontin), 2 counts of sale of schedule II drug (Roxycodone), and 4 counts of delivery of a schedule II drug. Sheriff Ray says these sales were made in a drug free zone. When deputies picked up Johnson, they found a tube containing a white residue. Johnson was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Johnson's total bond is $101,000 and he will appear in court on the possession of drug paraphernalia charge on May 28th.

40 year old William Andrew (Andy) Cantrell of Redmon Road- 1 count of sale of a schedule II drug (Dilaudid) and 1 count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $50,000

43 year old Tammy Denise Miller of Author Hillis Road ,Woodbury- 1 count of sale of a schedule II drug (Dilaudid) and 1 count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $50,000.

36 year old Arthur (Art) Lee Dawson Jr. of Grand Avenue, Smithville 1 count of sale of a schedule II drug (Oxycontin) and 1 count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $150,000.

21 year old Priscilla L. Roberts of Students Home Road Smithville- 1 count of sale of a schedule II drug (Oxycontin) and 1 count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $50,000.

21 year old Coty L. McCormick of West Main Street Smithville- 2 counts of sale of a schedule VI drug (marijuana) and 2 counts of delivery of a schedule VI drug. Upon being arrested, McCormick was found with marijuana on his person. He was further charged with possession of a schedule VI drug (marijuana) for resale Total bond $90,000.

Detectives took state warrants on 20 year old Melissa Gail Andrews for simple possession of a schedule III drug (Hydrocodone) after she was found to have the pill on her person. A search warrant was executed at the West Main Street home in Smithville Thursday morning (May 14th) and detectives found more marijuana there. Andrews was further charged with simple possession of marijuana as a result of the search warrant. Andrews’ total bond was set at $4,500 and she will appear in court on May 28th..

40 year old Michael (Waterhead) Lee Lawrence of Springfield- 2 counts of sale of schedule II drug (dilaudid) and 2 counts of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $100,000.

32 year old Jimmy Lane Estes of Jacobs Pillar Road Smithville- 1 count of sale of a schedule II drug (Dilaudid) and 1 count of delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $50,000

42 year old Ritchie Lee Bennett of Old Temperance Hall Road Lancaster- manufacture of a schedule VI drug (Marijuana). Total bond $50,000.

34 year old Billy Wayne Crook Jr. of Blue Springs Road Smithville- manufacture of a schedule VI drug (Marijuana). A marijuana cigarette was found on Crook’s person as he was being arrested. He also resisted arrest when officers tried to take him into custody. Total bond is $57,500. Crook will appear in court on the resisting arrest and simple possession charges on May 28th.

43 year old Riley Anthony Bullard of Prater Road Smithville- possession of a schedule II drug (dilaudid) for resale and delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $100,000.

48 year old Nickey Reese Cantrell of Short Mountain Highway- possession of a schedule II drug (dilaudid) for resale and delivery of a schedule II drug. Total bond $100,000.

19 year old Travis Allen Bogle of Eagle Creek Road Smithville- 1 count of vandalism under $500 and 1 count of auto burglary. Total bond $10,000.

Most of these defendants will appear in criminal court for arraignment on May 22nd.

Smithville Police Officer Wins Bench Press Competition

May 13, 2009
Dwayne Page

Smithville Police Officer Nathan Estes, during his off time from work, recently competed in a Bench Press competition near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Estes says he was among approximately ninety people from across the nation who participated in the annual event, which is held at New Rhodes, Louisiana

As winner of the Fire and Police Division, Estes says he won a sword and $400 which he donated to Saint Mary's Catholic Church in New Rhodes to help support their charity work in the area. "My first lift was 485 pounds. The second lift was 495 and my third lift was 510. I was successful in all of them."

Federal Stimulus Money and BEP Reserves Needed to Balance School Budget

May 12, 2009
Dwayne Page

The proposed new school budget for next year calls for the elimination of several positions due to insufficient funds, but employees of the school system need not to worry, because federal stimulus money will be used to fund those positions. BEP reserves will also be used to help balance the school budget.

In an informal workshop session Monday night, Director of Schools Mark Willoughby met with all members of the school board to discuss the proposed budget for the 2009-2010 school year. The board must act on the tentative spending plan during Thursday night's regular monthly meeting because by law, the budget must be in the hands of the County Mayor by Friday, May 15th.

Willoughby says the new budget calls for no local property tax increase for schools. There will also be no local pay raises for employees next year, other than the regular step increases on the pay scale. Teachers and support staff will step up according to the existing salary scales. Willoughby says there has been no official word from the State of Tennessee regarding teacher salary increases for 2009-2010 and no additional dollars are currently in those line items of the new budget. There is a 1% increase in health insurance matching for all employees participating in the health insurance program.

Willoughby says while cuts have been made in many areas of the budget, there is a request for another $50,000 (going from $300,000 to $350,000) in capital outlay spending to help fund two portable classroom buildings to address overcrowding at the high school and possibly at DeKalb West School. Each portable contains two classrooms and a bathroom.

Total anticipated revenues for schools for 2009-2010 comes to $17-million, 079-thousand 422. Total expenditures were originally projected to be $17-million, 822-thousand, 740, a difference of $743,318. But the proposed expenditures have now been adjusted down to $17-million 565-thousand, 005, reducing the shortfall to $485,583.

Willoughy says eliminating the following positions from the general purpose school budget will reduce local spending by $257,735 but those jobs will be preserved by using federal stimulus money to fund them. However, when the federal stimulus expires in a couple of years, the school system will once again be faced with having to fund those positions.

The specific proposal is as follows:
Eliminate 2 positions (teachers) from Regular Instruction (budget line Item 71100-116)- $101,000
Eliminate 2 positions (teachers) from Special Education (71200-116)- $77,825
Eliminate 1 position (speech pathologist) from Special Education(71200-171)- $40,000
Eliminate 2 positions (educational assistants) from Special Education (71200-163)- $25,000
Eliminate 1 part/time position (job coach) from Special Education (71200-189)- $10,000
Reduce expenditures from Special Education (contracted services) (71200-399)- $14,760
Eliminate 1 position from Transportation (72710-189)- $7,650
Correction in anticipated expenditures( 72710-338)- $31,500

Again, by making these reductions in local spending, the difference in total expenditures over revenues is reduced from $743,318 to $485,583. Willoughby says this amount can be offset to balance the budget by making one time expenditures from BEP reserves.

The school board will meet to discuss the budget and several other issues Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. at the cafeteria of DeKalb County High School. WJLE plans LIVE coverage.

DARE Graduation Held at Northside Elementary School

May 12, 2009
Dwayne Page
DARE Instructor Don Adamson, Essay Winner Madison Hayes, and Sheriff Patrick Ray
Judge Bratten Cook and Essay Winner Madison Hayes
Fifth Grade Essay Winners

Fifth graders at Northside Elementary School received certificates during the annual DARE graduation ceremony held Tuesday.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program was conducted by DARE Instructor and Chief Deputy Don Adamson of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.

Each student prepares an essay during the course and those with the best essays from each class are recognized and awarded. This year's essay winners at Northside are Daisy Recendiz, Aleka Curtis, Kelly Armour, Andrew Cooper, Allison Mosely, Madison Hayes, and Kaitlin Rhea.

Madison Hayes was the over-all winner and she read her essay during Tuesday's program. In addition to the award, prizes, and recognition, Hayes gets to keep "Daren the Lion" the DARE Mascot. Judge Bratten Cook II also presented her a check for $50.

Sheriff Patrick Ray, who spoke during the DARE graduation, told the students that "D.A.R.E. is a cooperative effort by the DeKalb Sheriff's Department, DeKalb County School System, parents, and the community. I ask you today students, to take this valuable information and apply it to your lives, now and forever."

Others who made remarks during the ceremony were Northside Principal Dr. Gayle Redmon, Judge Cook, and Director of Schools Mark Willoughby.

Other public officials on hand for the DARE graduation program, in addition to Sheriff Ray and Judge Cook, were County Mayor Mike Foster, Circuit Court Clerk Katherine Pack, Register of Deeds Jeff McMillen, and Trustee Sean Driver.

(Bottom picture left to right: Kaitlin Rhea, Madison Hayes, Allison Mosely, Andrew Cooper, Kelly Armour, Aleka Curtis, and Daisy Recendiz)

Tigerettes Fall to Goodpasture in Regional Tournament Title Game

May 12, 2009
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Tigerettes lost 11 to 1 to the Goodpasture Lady Cougars in the Regional Tournament Championship Game Tuesday afternoon in Madison.

Goodpasture scored two runs in the first inning, one run in the third inning, four runs in the fourth, and four runs in the fifth.

DeKalb County scored one run in the fifth inning.

The game was called in the fifth inning due to the ten run rule.

Olivia Norton gave up eleven runs on thirteen hits through five innings. She walked one.

Victoria Bennett had an RBI double in the game and Jaylen Garrett, Kristina Stephens, and Kara Young each singled. DeKalb County committed three errors.

The Tigerettes will play at Chattanooga Christian in the Sub-State on Friday at 5:30 p.m. eastern time/ 4:30 p.m. central (Smithville) time.

Chattanooga Christian defeated Sequatchie County 6 to 1 Wednesday to advance to the Sub-State.

WJLE plans LIVE coverage.

Second Graders Learn the Names of All U.S. Presidents

May 12, 2009
Dwayne Page

Students in Janet Woodward's second grade class at Smithville Elementary School have learned the names of all the U.S. Presidents in the order in which they served.

The children recited the President's names for WJLE Tuesday morning in their classroom.

Members of the class are Ethan Beasley, Anna Rachel Blair, Madi Cantrell, Madison Colwell, Dylan Cripps, Lance Davis, Sarah Evans, Malone Fletcher, Andrew Fuson, Parker Gassaway, Ealy Gassaway, Macy Hedge, Nautica Johnson, Noah Johnson, Faith Judkins, Madison Judkins, Braya Murphy, Colter Norris, Robin Pafford, and Allie Redmon.

In addition to the video presentation hear, you can listen to the children each morning this week following the 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. morning local news on WJLE AM1480/FM 101.7.

Twelve County Firefighters Complete Basic Training Course

May 11, 2009
Fireflighters Complete Basic Training-

Twelve members of the DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department recently graduated
from the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy's 64-hour
Basic Firefighter Training Course.

According to Chief Donny Green, five members of this group attended the course in Putnam County while the other seven attended the course in Cannon County. "I am proud of our members' commitment to being well-trained and prepared to respond to our communities' needs during emergencies"

Assistant Chief Roy Merriman serves as the department's training coordinator and says
he understands the degree of dedication it takes to shuffle work, family commitments, and fire department activities. "I would just like to say thanks to all the new recruits for the commitment they have shown in taking time to complete this training".

Pictured from left to right: (kneeling) Joe Bowen (Main Station), Steve Phillips (Temperance Hall Station), Bradley Taylor (Midway Station), Cory Killian (Main Station), Bradley Johnson (Main Station);

(standing) Justin Brooks (Keltonburg Station), Joey Meyers (Main Station), Amanda Vaughn (Main Station), Billy Fuson (Midway Station);

Not pictured: Steve Rapasy (Midway Station), Eric Snow (Main Station), and Brandi Summers (Belk Station).

Marsh Charged with Burglary and Theft

May 11, 2009
Dwayne Page
James Andrew Marsh

A 19 year old man has been arrested for breaking into a local business last week.

James Andrew Marsh of Green Acres Drive, Smithville is charged with burglary and theft of property under $500. His bond is $7,500 and he will appear in court on May 28th.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says "on Thursday, May 7th, deputies responded to a report of a break in at a business on Highway 146. Through an investigation, officers learned that Marsh had broken into the business and stolen a cash register and cigarettes. Marsh was arrested later in the day."

Meanwhile, in other cases, 36 year old Gary Edward Matthews of Four Seasons Road, Smithville, who had no driver's license, drove by a deputy on Tuesday, May 5th. and was later taken into custody. Officers, during the arrest, found a straw containing a white powdery residue along with three 10 milligram pills believed to be Hydrocodone and a half pill believed to be a 7.5 Hydrocodone. Matthews was charged with two counts of simple possession of a schedule III drug, (Hydrocodone), possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked driver's license. Matthews' total bond was set at $10,000 and he will appear in court on June 4th.

Also on Tuesday, officers arrested 28 year old Fernando Olivera Aldino of West Main Street, Smithville for driving under the influence and no driver's license. While on patrol on Highway 56, deputies spotted Aldino weaving in the roadway. During the investigation, officers detected a strong smell of alcohol on Aldino's person. He submitted to field sobriety tasks which he failed and he could not produce a valid Tennessee driver's license. Aldino's bond was set at $2,000 and he will appear in court on May 28th.

On Saturday, May 9th, officers responded to a suspicious person call at the Johnson's Chapel Community Center on Johnson's Chapel Road. Upon arrival and talking with the subjects there, a deputy noticed a glass pipe containing marijuana, sticking out of the gas tank lid of the subjects' vehicle. Officers also found more marijuana inside of the vehicle and a marijuana cigarette. 23 year old Anthony Ray Ribble of Hayes Court, Smithville was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule IV drug (marijuana) and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $2,000 and he will appear in court on May 28th..

In another case, deputies arrested 22 year old Alfonso Almaguer Soto of South Third Street, Smithville Saturday after he had parked in the roadway of Banks Pisgah Road. Officers detected a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on his person and he was very unsteady on his feet. Soto submitted to field sobriety tasks which he failed. Soto also had no driver's license and he gave a fake name at the scene. Officers later discovered Soto's real name. He was charged with driving under the influence, no driver's license, criminal impersonation, and violation of the implied consent law. Soto's total bond was set at $3,000.

Also on Saturday while deputies were on patrol, they spotted a vehicle weaving in the roadway on Highway 56. The driver was 46 year old Jamie Lara Amaya of Newby Circle, McMinnville. He had an odor of alcohol on his person and he was unsteady on his feet. Amaya submitted to field sobriety tasks which he failed. Amaya was charged with driving under the influence. His bond was set at $1,000 and will appear in court on May 28th.

On Sunday, May 10th deputies were dispatched to a fight call at the Keltonburg Community Center on Keltonburg Road. As officers began investigating the fight, 31 year old Jason Stewart of Edgewood Drive, Cookeville started yelling and pointing his finger in the deputies' faces. Stewart was told several times to calm down but he continued yelling. Stewart was arrested for disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $1,000

Deputies also responded to an accident on Bright Hill Road and found 34 year old Enrigue Villa of Earl Avenue, Smithville to be driving without a license. Villa was charged in the case and his bond was set at $1,000. He will appear in court on May 27th.

Also on Sunday, deputies were on patrol on Highway 70 when they stopped a vehicle for weaving. 47 year old Gregory A. Young of Young Ridge Road, Sparta was charged with an 8th offense of driving under the influence. Officers noticed that Young was unsteady on his feet and had an odor of alcohol on his person. Young submitted to field sobriety tasks which he failed. Young was also cited for violation of the implied consent law. Young's bond was set at $10,000 and he will appear in court on May 28th.


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